Voice of the Voiceless - Mulk Raj Anand & Jayakanthan

Voice of the Voiceless - Mulk Raj Anand & Jayakanthan

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Author: G Dominic Savio
Publisher: Prestige Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175511672


Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004), the great humanist writer, is regarded the father of Indian English Novel; D. Jayakanthan (1934-), the doyen of Tamil literature, has recently won the most prestigious Jnanpeeth Award for his contribution to Indian fiction. Both these writers evince keen interest in the eradication of social evils and their novels are artistic attempts to arouse the slumbering conscience of the people. The life of the poor and the voiceless is the subject-matter of their fiction.

The book takes disintegration. The basic hypothesis of both the novelists is that conventional religion, traditional ethics and morality are inadequate in dealing with the actual issues of life. up five identical lines of investigation: untouchability, womanhood, sex, marriage and social

They evolve a common code of social consciousness which invalidated social taboos and traditional thought and makes life more significant. The present book purports to make a rich contribution to the areas of Indian writing, Comparative literature and the humanistic school of philosophy.



Mulk Raj Anand and Jayakanthan as Romantic Humanists

Sufferers, Strangers and Idealists

The Curse of Untouchability

The New Women

Tradition versus Modernity

Religion, Sex and modernity

Summing Up