The Integral Spirit of Bharat : An Eulogy

The Integral Spirit of Bharat : An Eulogy

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Author: Harishchandra Barthwal
Translator(s)/Editor: Kewal Krishna Mittal / Keshav Wagh
Publisher: Suruchi Prakashan
Year: 1997
Language: multilingual
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The uniqueness of this hymn (stotra) is reflected in its name itself. The hymn is unique in the sense it embodies the uniqueness of Bharat’s cultural heritage - of recognizing the intrinsic unity amidst the wonderful variety and diversity of our national life. And diversity itself has many dimensions. It is not merely confined to the people: it includes the so-called inanimate and even abstract entities; in short, all the bewildering variety of the external creation. To recognize and realize the Indwelling Spirit Unifying all these external diverse manifestation, well, this has been the acme of human aspiration as conceived by the Hindu Mind down the ages.

Here is a celebrated utterance of Sir Jagadish Chandra Vasu. After demonstrating and explaining at the British Royal Society at London how even a so-called inanimate object such as lead responds to electric impulses, almost human like, he closed his speech to he assembled top scientists of England saying that what he had sought to show was to just demonstrate in the laboratory a faction of the truth expounded by our sages and seers sitting on the banks of Ganga thousands of years ago who declared, He only really knows who knows that underlying and manifesting itself in all the multitude of variety of the external creation lies a single all-unifying principle.