The Divine Way of Life

The Divine Way of Life

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Author: Sri Nigamananda
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 386
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170219116


Thakura Nigamananda Paramahansa Deva in Austere endeavour attained the vertex of wisdom ie Bramha Bhoomi through his deep meditation in Yago Sadhana and realised himself as Bramha-the absolute Truth. He previously had completed Tantra and Jnana Sadhana and gone to the apex. After attaining Nirbikalpa Samadhi with self realization, directed by the supreme Prowess i e Almighty god or Bhagawan, he descended to earth and entered in to the physical body of Nigamananda sitting in meditation, through a narrow hole among innumerable holes with the power of Universal or Serbobhouma Guru i e. Gururaham to give salvation to the living creatures. After attaining his Prem Samadhi he completed all main paths of fourfold Sadhanas, and adorned by the designation of Paribrajakacharya and Paramahansa and was renowned as Sadguru.

His efforts and creatives are for the betterment of the weaker and ignorant sections of the people of the society. His best teachings and gospels are, like Bhagawan Srikrishna, to awaken the dormant people, for their upliftment to achieve the goal-Permanent salvation of life. Nigamananda Dev every earnestly solicited the humanity, divinity, Godhood and lastly Bramha Nirvan from his surrendered disciples. He asked all to be a perfect man-to be deity, to be God and to be Bramha.


Biographical Skatch
Aim of Life
Gods and Goddesses
The Power that Manifests inside and the Power that Manifests Outside
The Saktas and the Vaishnabas
The Birth and Death of a Wise Man
Killing one self
The Will of God
Why the Man of Kaliyuga are fortunate and commendable
Renunciation and Sacrifice
The Blessing of New Year
The Blessing on the Day of Akhya Trutiya
In the Birth Anniversary Function of Sankaracharya
Arise, Awake and Realize and Reach the Great Infinite
To the Present Hindu Society
The Unruly Undisciplined Society
Instruction for General Public
To the Leaders
The Guru and the Sishya
All Religions Are Essentially Same
Jye Yatha Man Prapadadhanta
Tan Statheiba Bhojamyaham
To Saktas and Vaishnabas
To The Common Man
To the Students
The Problems of the Age
To the Sanyasies Bramhacharies and Those who are engaged in religious service
To the simple Believers
The true indications of Liberation
God’s Will
Being and the Supreme Being
Donot Pray for or Demand Anything From God
Knowledge and Devotion
To the Sadhakas
To the Disciples
To the Devotees
To the Sangha Sevee’s
To the men of Action
For those who have dedicated and surrendered themselves completely
To those who depend
To those who pray
To the unhappy ones
My blessings at the end of the year
Why Do totally Liberated Pious Great men go for Pilgrimage
To the People of East Bengal
Justice and Truth
The instructions in the end of the year
Who and what is Nigamananda as told by the himself