The Rupa Book of Favourite Fairy Tales

The Rupa Book of Favourite Fairy Tales

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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812910945x


So much contemporary fiction is ephemeral, quickly forgotten, what the works of yesteryear’s prize-winning novelists gather dust. But the great stories of folk and fairy lore are still with us, alive and ready to be told again, for they have stood the test of generations of readers and listeners.

Tales from the Panchatantra, or the Arabian Nights, or the rich folklore for Europe and Asia, continue to enchant us, both as children and as adults. The adventures of Sindbad, or Aladdin, never grow stale. Cinderella and Snow White still pull at our heart-strings. Giant killers of all sorts still stir the imagination, for as children we would all be giant killers.

Magical stories loved by children all over the globe, fairy tales have remained firm favourites of readers for centuries. In this collection, Ruskin Bond offers to you his favourite fairy tales, bringing together some amazing, unusual tales from all over the world-China, France, New Zealand, From The Green Man of Sinai-a tale from ancient Egypt, to Jivaka the Boy Wonder-a tale from India, This collection is a must-read for book enthusiasts.



Jivaka the Boy Wonder
A Tale from Ancient India

Sindbad the Sailor
A Tale from the Thousand and One Nights

A Fairy Tale from the French

The Story of the Bird Feng
A Fairy Tale from China

The Blue Boy of the Pool
A Tale from Old China

The Maori Fairy Fishermen
A Tale from New Zealand

The Dance of the Goblins
A Tales of Old Japan

The Red Spring
A Traditional Tale from China

Blue Beard
An Old Tale from the French

The Green Man of Sinai
A Tale from Ancient Egypt

Three Tales from India, as told again by Ruskin Bond
The Friendship of Heera and Lal
The Wise Parrot
Seven Brides for Seven Princes

Three Tales from the English Countryside
The Tulip Pixies
The Clicking Toad
The green Ladies of One Tree Hill

Two Japanese Fairy Tales, as told by Lafeadio Hearn
The Old Woman who Lost her Dumpling
The Boy who Drew Cats