Mudraraksasa (The Signet Ring of Rakshasa)

Mudraraksasa (The Signet Ring of Rakshasa)

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Author: Vishakadatta
Translator(s): R S Pandit /Ramesh Chandra
Publisher: Global Vision Publishing House
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 118
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8182200229


Mudrarakshasa is a historical play of the nataka type in seven acts written by Visakhadatta in 6th Century A.D. in which Chanakya, the minister of king Chandragupta of Pataliputra, wins over Rakshasa, the minister of the Nandas to the side of Chandragupta.

It is an unique play in many respects. The play is based on a political theme and it bears testimony to the consummate skill of Visakhadatta as a dramatist. It does not present any of the recognized dramatic sentiments (rasa), but introduces a new, hitherto unrecognized sentiment of intense rivalry between two sharp-witted ministers dedicated to the service of their respective kings.





Act I: How the Signet Ring was Acquired

Act II: What Rakshasa Thought

Act III: The concocted Quarrel

Act IV: Rakshasa’s Activities

Act V: The Cunning Letter

Act VI: The Fake Noose

Act VII: The Reconciliation