3 Brothers and the Prince  (VCD)

3 Brothers and the Prince (VCD)

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Author: Sukumar Ray
Editor(s): Sagarika Bam / Ram Menon/Areesz Gandhi et al
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): TCC-VCD-E-017


3 Brothers and the Prince is an adaptation of Teen Bandhu, written by Shri. Sukumar Roy, (Father of Shri Satyajit Ray) the legendary writer of Bengali Children literature. In this story the brave prince takes the help of 3 brothers who have different powers to save his princess from an evil Sorcercer who has turned her into a stone.

When a child is tired and sleepy after a long day of play, studies and other activities, what a child needs is a good night’s sleep which rejuvenates him to face yet another day with the same energy and enthusiasm.

To put their child to sleep, parents and grandparents have always resorted to stories and tales. Tales of wonder, valor, which fire the imagination of the child. Tales of beauty and humility which, sooth the child. Tales that take the child into a world of fantasy, which helps develop his imagination and nurture his creativity. This series of VCD’s include, Traditional/Modern tales from Indian Culture. All the stories included in this series have elements of adventure, fantasy, morals of good and bad and last but not the least, traces of Indian Culture and Tradition.

Based on Sukumar Roy’s 3 Brothers & Prince

Writer: Sagarika Bam
Voices: Ram Menon, Areesz Gandhi, Jamil Khan
Music: Kazi Kamal Naseer
Song Sung by: Avadhoot Gupta
Recording & Dubbing: Subhash Recording Studio
Animation: Metreon Creations


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