Prarambh - The Beginning

Prarambh - The Beginning

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Author: Gangadhar Gadgil
Translator(s): Arvind Dixit
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 640
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123745729


Prarambh or The Beginning, tells the story of the fascinating transformation that Mumbai went through under the impact of new forces during the eventful decades between 1818 and 1869. This dynamic half century saw the setting up of new schools, literary and scientific societies, medical colleges and the building of road, rail and telegraphic networks.

It was also a period when deep-rooted religious beliefs, cultural insularity and the tightening yoke of colonial rule were frustrating the aspirations of a newly emerging society. At the vanguard of this change stood the charismatic figure of Jagannath Shankarshet who ignited and nurtured the hopes of the masses and paved the way for a resurgent India. Institutions such as the Elphinstone College, Grant Medical college and the Asiatic Society stand as lasting testimony to the vision of this great pioneer.

Weaving strands of history deftly into the narrative, Prarambh recreates this vibrant era and recounts the stellar role that Indian enterprise, philanthropy and participation played in the building of a modern India. This finely evoked translation brings to a wider readership a classic of modern Marathi literature.


GANGADHAR GADGIL (b 1923), an economist by profession, is a distinguished writer in Marathi. In a writing career spanning over six decades, Gadgil has authored over fifty books including short stories, novels, literary criticism, plays, travelogues and stories for children. Among the numerous awards and fellowships are Central Sahitya Akademi Award, Janasthan Award and New York Herald Times Award and Rockfeller Foundation Fellowship for creative writing. He has also held many academic and literary positions.


ARVIND DIXIT works as consultant (technical) in Indian Initiative for Rice Genome Sequencing, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Delhi University. He translates from Marathi to English and has three published works in Marathi.