Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand

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Author: Rekha Sigi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 127
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128812149


Premchand belonged to the rare category of writers who became a name in themselves. His name is written in the literary world with golden letters. This book is a biography of a great Hindi writer.

Hindi Fiction was in its infancy when Premchand appeared on the scene. After Premchand’s contribution Hindi fiction reached its fullest maturity and flowering. Premchand gave to Hindi fiction a new social awareness, a new sense of purpose. In his hands the Hindi novel comes very close to life and faithfully reflects reality. Premchand was an idealist who desired to mould life according to dreams, but he did not close his eyes to the harsh, ugly truths of life.

He mitigated nothing, condoned nothing; his work uplifts and exalts the reader. He was truly a people’s writer who wrote about the life of common folk in a language they could understand. His appeal goes much beyond the closed circle of the intelligentsia and he has readers among people who have very little education. In this he reminds us of mediaeval poets like Tulsidas and Kabir whose words bring magic into the lives of the people in India



Beginning of the Journey
Family Background
Birth of a Literary Genius
Transformation from Nawab Rai to Premchand
Interest Towards Hindi Writings
Establishment of Saraswati Press
Novels Rang Bhumi and Nirmala
Worldwide Recognition
Launch of Monthly Magazine Hans
In the world of Mumbai filmdom
Participation in Meetings and Conferences
Final Adieu
Final Adieu
Permchand’s Literary Landmarks
Sweet and Sour Memories
Famous Works