A Season for All Things

A Season for All Things

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Author: Ann Bhalla
Publisher: Regency Publications
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 301
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818603093X


It is a wonderful story, well written, with multi-layered characters that accompany the reader through a storm of emotions, conflicts, misunderstandings and resolutions.

Five-year old Pascal is the pivot around whom the lives of those she holds most dear revolve.

Her parents, whom she idolizes, are headed for disaster when dashing young American, Tom Carter, makes his appearance on the scene. Her dislike for him deepens as her beautiful French-Canadian mother, Chintal, comes increasingly under his spell and starts distancing herself from her father, Ranjit. Will Tom Carter be able to tempt Chantal to leave Ranjit and Pascal, and the country she has grown to dislike, to make a new life with him?

Roopa, Pascal's beloved grandmother, waits and watches the doings of the daughter-in-law she dislikes, longing for an opportunity to eventually oust her from her son's and granddaughter's lives and affections. Will Chantal's friendship with Tom Carter help her to succeed in her manipulations?

Sarika is Pascal's adored young teacher. Shy and innocent, she has been silently in love with Ranjit for years. Chantal's dalliance with Tom Carter could pave the way for the fulfillment of her dreams and hopes. Will she be able to achieve a permanent place in the lives of the man she loves and the child whose affection she whole-heartedly returns?