Bhajan   (VCD)

Bhajan (VCD)

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Author: Pandit Jasraj
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 2005
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): S VCD C 007


This VCD carries following tracks:

Raani Tero Chir Jiyo Gopal

Tiharo Ghar Subas Baso

TABLA: Vijay Ghate

PAKHAWAJ: Pt Bhawani Shankar


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The contemporary doyen of North Indian vocals, Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj needs little introduction. In honor of the glory of this unparalleled living legend, awards and titles have not only been crated and bestowed upon him but have also been instituted in his name, thus these awards gaining more in prestige and value on account of being associated with his name. So much so that even a foreign university like the University of Toronto has instituted a scholarship in his name for young Canadians wishing to train in music.

Also the first distinguished visitor awards was created specially in honor of Panditji by the same university in 1999 for the first time since its inception 200 years ago. A Rolling Trophy instituted by the Rotary club of Bombay (shivaji Park), an Award by the public of Pune, an Auditorium in Newyork, all in his name stand testimony to his greatness. These are unprecedented events in the history of classical music, there being no other living musician in this genre whose name has been immortalized in his lifetime.

Born in a family that has given to Indian classical music four generations of outstanding musicians, the Mewati maestro had his initial grooming in music under his father, late Pandit Motiramji. He then underwent intensive tutelage under his elder brother and guru, the late Sangeet Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Maniramji.

Endowed with a rich, soulful and sonorous voice which traverses effortlessly over all three and a half octaves, Panditji’s vocalizing is characterized by a harmonius blend of classic and opulent elements, projecting traditional music as an intense spiritual expression, at once chaste and densely coloured. This give his music a very sublime emotional quality, touching the soul of the listener. He has been guided in this by his spiritual guru, late Maharana Jaiwant Singhji of Anand, another doyen of the Mewati gharana.

Perfect diction, clarity in sur and extreme tunefulness, command in all aspects of laya, choice of composition and interplay of the notes with the words to evoke the desired mood and feeling are other highlights of this Rasraj Pandit Jasraj’s music. This sensitivity together with the pure classical approach has given his singing a lyrical quality, which is the quintessence of the Mewati style of singing. The program in this CD is five performance were PT Jasraj has sung Bhajan in his voice serene and divine voice. The music and the atmosphere thus created transforms the ordinary stage into a divine temple.