The Sri - Krsna Temple at Udupi

The Sri - Krsna Temple at Udupi

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Author: B N Hebbar
Publisher: Bharatiya Granth Niketan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 337
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189211048


The book covers in eight chapters the traditions of one of the most unique Hindu temples and pilgrimage centers of southern India, ie, The Krsna Temple at Udupi. The first chapter gives the legendary history of the Udupi region. Consecrated by Madhva (1238-1317 CE) whose biography is covered in the second chapter, and enhanced by Vadiraja Tirtha 1480-1600 CE) whose life and works are detailed in the third chapter, this book gives in chapters four, five and six a contemporary description of this unique temple of Krsna which is administered by a set of eight Madhvite abbots by a system of rotation lasting 2 years each. Chapter seven narrates the method of observance of the annual routine of the Hindu festivals at the Udupi temple.

The last chapter narrates the details of the biennial transfer-of-power of the custody of the Udupi temple from one monastery to the next. The two appendices at the end of the book expound the histories of some of the other Madhvite monasteries outside of the Eight Monasteries (Asthamathas framework located in and around the Udupi general region.


B N HEBBAR completed his sastraic education in India and studied in the USA. He has a doctorate in Indology from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. He is academic advisor to the Washington DC area International Buddhist Committee and teaches at the universities of the area.



Udupi-Its Geographical Location and Legendary History
Ananda Tirtha (1238-1317 CE)
Vadiraja Tirtha (1480-1600 CE)-A Biographical reconstruction
Udupi-A Contemporary Introduction to the Great Historical and Spiritual Capital of the Madhva-Vaisnava Sampradaya
A Contemporary Account of the Pontifical Traditions of the Udupi Mathas and Their Religo-administrative Apparatus As It Exists Today
A Contemporary Account of the Daily Routine of the Sri-Krsna temple with Descriptions of the Fourteen Types of Pujas Offered Daily Including a Description of the Special Utsavas
Annual Festivals Observed at Udupi
The Paryaya Mahotsava-The biennial Festive Event Unique to Udupi
Appendix I-A Brief Sketch of the Four Non-Udupi Taulava Madhva Mathas
Appendix II-A Brief Sketch of the Two Gauda-Sarasvata Madhva Mathas