7 Principles for Creating Your Future

7 Principles for Creating Your Future

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Author: James J Semradek, Jr
Michael P Butler/
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179925455


7 Principles Fro Creating Your Future provides a pathway to a more productive, fulfilling life by showing you how to balance both a satisfying career and a meaningful personal life. Not only do these principles illustrate how to become a successful entrepreneur or 'intrapreneur', they also show you that the key to a dynamic career is a healthy balance between work and personal time.

These 7 Principles will help you to-
Discover your strengths and dreams through self-examination
Choose low risk, high value-added business to pursue
Cast a vision for your life
Lead a conservative lifestyle while leveraging your time and money for good
Integrate work with family into a harmonious balance
Adhere to your values and ethics in your business
Regularly measure your success

Through the application of these principles, you will discover how to create your dream life, enriched with purpose, meaning, and personal satisfaction.


One of the most complete blueprints to creating the life you want that I have ever seen.
-Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul-Series

If you want to know how to change your life so that you can passionately pursue your heart’s desire, while making the world a better place, read this insightful book and adhere to the 7 Principles outlined. You will soar!
-Millard Fuller, Founder and President, Habitat for Humanity International

The book was an easy read and I enjoyed it immensely. It provides a structured and practical framework for doing what most people try to do primarily by instinct, thereby greatly increasing the probability of success and happiness in one’s life.
-James P Kuhn, Former Vice President, A T Kearney


JAMES J SEMRADEK, Jr has over 30 years of diverse business experience and dreamed of being an entrepreneur from the time he was in high school. His experience includes over 25 years as a management consultant to some of the largest companies in the world including General Motors, Caterpillar, ConAgra, John Deere, Bosch, cooper Tire, Kimberly Clark, and many others. Semradek & Butler, Inc reflects the culmination of his efforts to achieve his entrepreneurial dream-to be a successful businessman able to balance the competing demands of life while focusing time and money on reaching out to others.

MICHAEL P BULTER has over 13 years of business experience, primarily as a management consultant. While working together for PHH Fantus, Michael and James saw the potential to provide excellent client service while achieving their dreams, which led them to create their own small but premier consulting company, Semradek & Butler, Inc. Over the past eight years, Michael and James have worked as equal partners to provide value-added service to their clients and to pursue a balanced lifestyle.


By James J Semradek, Jr


Chapter 1-Your Place in the Future
Chapter 2-An Impassioned Life


Chapter 3-Know Yourself
Principle 1: Know Yourself-our strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and passions.

Chapter 4-Select the Right Opportunity
Principle 2-Select a low-risk, high value-added business-and execute it with excellence.

Chapter 5-Cast a Vision
Principle 3-Cast a vision-and support it with leadership

Chapter 6-Money or Success?
Principle 4-Lead a conservative life and leverage your money and time for good-don’t allow your desire to make money control you.

Chapter 7-Integrate Work and Family
Principle 5-Integrate work and Family-It’s one life, not two.

Chapter 8-Adhere to Your Values
Principle 6-Adhre to your values-live them and integrate them into all that you do.

Chapter 9-Measure Your Success Regularly
Principle 7-Measure your success-using success factors that will make a difference.

Chapter 10-Listen Up and Learn