Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema

Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema

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Author: Gulzar
Govind Nihalani/Saibal Chatterjee
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Language: English
Pages: 659
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179910660


Produced under the editorial guidance of Gulzar, Govind Nihalani and Saibal Chatterjee, Encyclopaedia Britannica’s "Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema" offers a detailed and analytical perspective of the dynamics of the Hindi film industry - from its first unsteady steps of infancy to becoming a leader in the world of celluloid. It comprises thirty-four essays written by an array of experts, twenty-one interviews with legendary personalities, two hundred biographies and over five hundred photographs.

The excitement of cinema is the pulse of the Indian nation. There is nothing quite like it in the world. "Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema" looks as much at the trends and techniques of film-making in Mumbai as at the personalities who shaped the industry into what it is today.

This Encyclopaedia seeks to capture the big picture in a manner that is both informative and entertaining. The book brings together an array of experts, who either have first-hand knowledge of the craft of filmmaking or have observed the industry from close quarters for decades. With that end in mind, this encyclopaedia focuses as much on the stars and directors as it does on films and movements. The book is rounded off with a comprehensive section that throws light on the work of towering individuals whose contributions to Hindi cinema in their respective areas of specialization have been second to none.

About The Author(s)

This publication would have remained just a dream... had it not been for the active involvement - from conceptualizing the project to its finalization - of the esteemed members of the editorial board, comprising reputed Filmmakers, Gulzar and Govind Nihalani, and renowned Entertainment Journalist, Saibal Chatterjee.


The book is divided into six sections:

SECTION I: Historical Record: An objective study of the growth and development of the industry over the decades. The medium of cinema changed its nuances and perceptions as the nation transited through British rule, freedom struggle, the impact of the World Wars, Independence, post-Independence Utopia, nationalist fervor, and struggles and frustrations, and experienced the growing pains of the nation.

SECTION 2: The Business and Its future: the oil that turns the wheels of the industry. Without a study of the economics there can be no objective perspective.

SECTION 3: Narrative Forms: Various articles that present the various forms that are the vital sections of a film project such as: cinematography, sound special effects, choreography and song picturization, stunts and action, flashback, art direction, and costumes.

SECTION $: Analysis of the Medium: Here the genres are analyzed further. Music, lyrics, scripts and screenplays, comedy, stereotypes, good verses evil, women, censorship, the influence of literature, and the influence of other cinemas.

SECTION 5: Milestones: Interviews with, and profiles of, twenty-one legendary personalities who have influenced the dynamics of the industry.

SECTION 6: Biographies: Informative snapshots of leading personalities with select filmographics.