Reiki Best Practices - Wonderful Tools of Healing

Reiki Best Practices - Wonderful Tools of Healing

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Author: Walter Lubeck
Frank Arjava Petter/
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 286
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178222094


Reiki is always flowing, naturally and continuously even without us doing anything at all to help it. However, with good instructions and special techniques to support the process it can flow in a more focused way. These methods are extremely helpful in working effectively with Reiki. Much of the material in this book is being either published or presented in this detail for the first time.

The internationally renowned Reiki Masters Walter Lubeck and Frank Arjava Peter present modern Reiki techniques, providing every Reiki practitioner with valuable tools fro applying Reiki in a precise and effective manner for protection and healing.

There are techniques related to the First, Second, and Third Degrees. With the first Reiki Degree we awaken and assume responsibility for ourselves. The emphasis here is on the body and Reiki-self-treatment. The Second Reiki Degree conveys the techniques of distance healing with karmic and affirmation work showing the way. The Third Degree, the Master Degree, focuses on experiencing ourselves as part of the greater whole and developing our cosmic consciousness.


WLTER LUBECK teaches his own Rainbow Reiki System, Three-Rays Meditation and Lemurian Tantra in both English and German throughout the world. Walter has made the results of his research available in his 20 books. These have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

FRANK ARJAVA PETTER teaches original Reiki techniques worldwide in lectures and seminars. His books Reiki Fire, Reiki-The Legacy of Dr Usui, The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui and The Hayashi Reiki Manual Have already become international bestsellers.



What is a Technique?
The Reiki Initiation
What is Rainbow Reiki?
The Reiki Healing Period
Allowing the Energy of Initiations to Have Its Optimal Effect
Is Reiki an Intelligent Force that Can Do no Wrong?
Before, during, and After a Reiki Treatment
How I Use the Reiki-Symbols
Feng Shui during the Reiki Session
The Techniques (In Alphabetical Order)
Arm-Muscle Test from Applied Kinesiology (WL)
Animals-Treating with Reiki 1 (FAP)
Animals-Treating with Reiki 2 (FAP)
Aura Massage with Reiki (WL)
Candle Ritual with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Connecting with the Reiki Force (FAP)
Deprogramming with Reiki (FAP)
Food and Drinks-Charging with Reiki 1 (FAP)
Food and Drinks-Charging with Reiki 2 (FAP)
Grounding with the Power Symbol (FAP)
Healing Stones-Activating with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Karma-Cleansing with Reiki (FAP)
Karma Clearing with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Light-Body Work with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Lost Objects-Finding (FAP)
Meditation with the Distance-Treatment Symbol (FAP)
Meditation with the Master Symbol (FAP)
Objects-Treating with Reiki (FAP)
Parking Space-Looking for with Reiki (FAP)
Plants-Treating with Reiki 1 (FAP)
Protection Against Energy Vampires (FAP)
Rainbow Reiki for the Higher’ Self (WL)
Rainbow Reiki for the Inner Child (WL)
Safety on the Street with Reiki (FAP)
Sex with Reiki (FAP)
Systematic Chakra Work with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Tantric Meditation with Rainbow Reiki (WL)
Throughout the Day-Giving Reiki (FAP)
Whole-Body Protection with the Power Symbol (FAP)
Working with Reiki (FAP)