The Page 3 Murders - A Lalli Mystery

The Page 3 Murders - A Lalli Mystery

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Author: Kalpana Swaminathan
Publisher: IndiaInk
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 287
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186939199


Every Homicide file has one last blank page marked LR. That page is meant for Lalli…Sixtyish and silver-haired, she’s officially retired from the force, but she’s still their Last Resort when it comes to solving a murder.

When Lalli’s niece finds herself at Hilla Driver’s seaside villa for a foodie weekend, murder is the last thing on her mind. She’s too busy falling in love with the cook. Also present are a number of Page 3 regulars: a best-selling novelist, a jazz dancer, a broken-hearted model, a fiery feminist with a dramatic past and a respectable housewife with a sordid one, a doctor with a fashionable practice and an industrialist with a yen for horses...Each with a secret waiting to spill.

It should have been a great party. But the cook serves up more than food at the Millennial Banquet.

There’s murder on the menu and luckily for Hilla, Lalli takes charge. For Lalli is not your ordinary houseguest.


KALPANA SWAMINATHAN has lived most of her 48 years in Mumbai. She finds the proximity of twelve million lives an inexhaustible source of enchantment. Her most recent novel is Bougainvillea House. Jaldi’s Friends, an adventure about Mumbai’s vagrant animals, was written in the aftermath of 6 December 1992. Writing with Ishrat Syed as Kalpish Ratna, her articles on books and science appear in many periodicals. Their first book together is a submarine murder mystery, Dr Wrasse of Crystal Rock. They have also authored A Compendium of Family Health.