Narratives of the Mission of George Bogle to Tibet and of the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa

Narratives of the Mission of George Bogle to Tibet and of the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa

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Author: George Bogle
Thomas Manning/
Editor(s): Clements R Markham
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 453
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812061366X


It has long been known that the first British mission to Tibet was sent by Warren Hastings in 1774 under Mr. George Bogle, that a great friendship was found between Mr. Bogle and the Teshu Lama, and that intercourse was then established between the Governments of British India and Tibet. It is less generally known that the only Englishman who ever visited Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and saw the Dalai Lama, was Mr. Thomas Manning, an adventurous traveler who performed that extraordinary feat in 1811. No account has hitherto been published of Mr. Manning’s remarkable journey. These two gaps in the history of intercourse between India and Tibet have now been filled up. His family in Scotland has carefully preserved the whole of Mr. Bogle’s journals, memoranda, official and private correspondence. These valuable manuscripts, after having been judiciously arranged, were placed in the hands of the present editor. These consisted of journals, memoranda of various kinds, and on many subjects numerous bundles of private letter including correspondence with Warren Hastings , appointments, minutes of conversations and official dispatches. The whole of this voluminous mass of papers had to be carefully read through and annotated before any attempt could be made to arrange a consecutive narrative of the mission. Mr. Manning appears o have hastily jotted down his first impressions, day by day, in a rough notebook, which was copied out fair by his sister. He was a man of learning and great ability, and was well able to have written a good account of his remarkable journey. He never did so. His rough journal was placed in my hands. Thus an account of the visit to Lhasa of the only Englishman who ever entered that famous city is now presented to the world. This account of the important mission of George Bogle to Bhutan and Tibet has been gathered partly from journals, partly from official dispatches, and partly from private correspondence; and it is now presented for the first time in a connected form. That of Mr. Manning’s extraordinary journey to Lhasa is from a fragmentary series of notes and jottings, which alone remain to bear testimony to a feat, which still remains unparalleled.


NARRATIVE OF GEORGE BOGLE TO TIBET (1774) CHAPTER I Mission to Tibet CHAPTER II From Kuch Bahar to Tassisudon CHAPTER III Tassisudon, the Capital of Bhutan CHAPTER IV History and Government of Bhutan CHAPTER V Bhutan: Negotiations CHAPTER VI Suggestions Respecting Bhutan and Assam CHAPTER VII The Journey to Tibet CHAPTER VIII At Desheripgay CHAPTER IX Ride from Desheripgay to Teshu Lumbo CHAPTER X Teshu Lumbo CHAPTER XI A Visit to a Tibetan Country Seat CHAPTER XII An Account of Tibet CHAPTER XIII Trade of Tibet CHAPTER XIV Negotiations CHAPTER XV Conversations with the Teshu Lama at Teshu Lumbo CHAPTER XVI The Episode with the Chauduri CHAPTER XVII Return from Tibet to Bengal, Negotiations in Bhutan CHAPTER XVIII General Report by Bogle on His Return from Tibet CHAPTER XIX Journey of the Teshu Lama to Peking, and his Death. Project of Mr. Bogle for Meeting the Lama at Peking. JOURNEY OF MR THOMAS MANNING TO LHASA (1811 – 12) CHAPTER I Journey from Cantalbary to Pari-Jong CHAPTER II From Pari-Jong to Giansu CHAPTER III Residence at Giansu CHAPTER IV Journey From Giansu to Lhasa CHAPTER V Lhasa CHAPTER VI Visit to the Grand Lama CHAPTER VII Story of the Riot – Execution of a Good Mandarin CHAPTER VIII Residence at Lhasa CHAPTER IX Fragmentary Notes – Return Journey APPENDIX List of Illustrations Maps