The Siva - Purana  - Part III

The Siva - Purana - Part III

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Author: Board of Scholars
Translator(s): Board of Scholars
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 449
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120803388


The purest gems lie hidden in the bottom of the ocean or in the depths of rocks. On has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks to find them out. Similarly truth lies concealed in the language that with the lapse of time has become obsolete. Man has to learn that language before he discovers that truth.

But he has neither the means nor the leisure to embark for that venture. We have therefore planned to help him acquire knowledge by the easier course. We have started the series of ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology in English Translation. Our goal is to universalize knowledge through the most popular, international medium of Expression. The publication of the Puranas in English translation is the step towards that goal



Five incarnations of Siva
Eight forms of Siva
Half-female incarnation of Siva
Story of Rsabha
Nineteen incarnations of Siva
Incarnation of Nandisvara
Coronation and the nuptials of Nandisvara
Incarnation of Bhairava
Sports of Bhairava
Narrative of Man-lion
Incarnation of Sarabha
Incarnation of Sarabha (continued)
Incarnation of Grhapati
Incarnation of Grhapati (continued)
Incarnation of Grhapati (continued)
Incarnation of Yaksesvara
Incarnation of Siva
Eleven incarnations of Siva
Narrative of Durvasas
Incarnation of Hanumat
Incarnation of Mahesa
Harassment by Visnu’s sons and the incarnation of Bull
Incarnation of Bull (continued)
Incarnation of Brahmacarin
Incarnation of Sunartakanata
Incarnation of Saintly Brahmin
Incarnation of Asvatthaman
Incarnation of Kirata
Description of Arjuna’s penance
Slaying of the demon Muka
Kirata-Arjuna dialogue
Incarnation of Kirata (continued)
Twelve Jyotirlinga incarnations


Glory of Jyotirlinga and their Uplingas
Greatness of Sivalingas
Penance of Anasuya and Atri
Greatness of Atrisvara
Death of the Brahmin lady and the greatness of Nandikesvara
Brahmin lady attains Heaven
Greatness of Nandikesvara
Greatness of Mahabala
Attainment of the supreme goal by an out-caste woman
Greatness of Mahabala (continued)
Greatness of Pasupatinatha
Why Siva assumed the phallic form
Origin of Vatuka
Origin of Somanatha
Origin of the second Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga
Glory of Mahakala
Glory of Mahakala (continued)
Glory of Omkaresvara
Glory of Kedaresvara
Glory of Bhimesvara and the havoc perpetrated by Bhimasura
Origin of Bhimsesvara
Greatness of Visvesvara, the arrival of Rudra at Kasi
Greatness of Visvesvara (continued)
Greatness of Trymbakesvara and Gautama
Planned arrangement of Gautama
Greatness of Tryambakesvara (continued)
Greatness of Tryambakesvara (continued)
Greatness of Vaidyanathesvara
Havoc created by Raksasas of Darukavana
Greatness of Nagesvara
Greatness of Ramesvara
Narrative of Sudeha and Sudharma
Origin and glory of Ghusmesvara
Acquisition of Sudarsana by Visnu
Thousand names of Siva
Efficacy of the thousand names of Siva
Devotion to lord Siva
Greatness of Sivaratri
The rite of Sivaratri
Glory of sivaratri
Review of Salvation
Difference between Saguna and Nirguna
Review of knowledge

Krsna meets Upamanyu
Upamanyu’s instruction
Greatness of Siva
Exhibition of Siva’s skill
Great sins
Different types of sins
Pathwya ot hell and the emissaries of Yama
Description of hell
Pangs of hell
Mode of suffering in hell
Glory of the gift of food
Glory of penance
Glory of Puranas
General charitable gifts
Description of the Nether Worlds
Uplift from hell
Description of the Jambudvipa
Seven Continents
Worlds and planets
A special Mantra
Fruits of righteous war
Origin & development of the body
Infancy & other stages; impurity of the body
Women’s nature
Ascertainment of the time of death
Dodging of Kala
Escaping death & realisation of Siva