The Trouble With Islam Today

The Trouble With Islam Today

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Author: Irshad Manji
Publisher: Foundation Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 259
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188861022


In this controversial and ground-breaking book, Irshad Manji-jornalist, iconoclast, rebel, and self-proclaimed Muslim Refusenik-exposes the disturbing cornerstones of Islam as its is widely practised today: tribal insularity, repression of women, and an uncritical acceptance of the Quran. But The Trouble with Islam Today goes deeper, offering a practical vision of an Islamic reformation that empowers women, promotes respect for religious minorities, and fosters a competition of ideas. Manji’s vision revives ijtihad, Islam’s lost tradition of independent thinking. In that spirit, Irshad Manji travels throughout the world with her challenge for both Muslims and non-Muslims: Dare to ask questions-out loud.


Hot, hot with revolutionary questions, anger, and challenges.
-The Independent (UK)

Manji has in no way abandoned her Muslim identity, What exactly she is refusing to do is simple: she refuses to accept that Islam is a stagnant and unchanging structure.
-The Friday Times (Pakistan)

I cannot urge Irshad Manji more strongly to maintain her frank, open, and intelligent approach. This cause it, I believe, the most important new movement in several decades.
-Jane Mansbridge, Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Harvard University

A loud, clear call for honesty and reform. Wry, blunt, and irreverent, but never bitter.
-The Globe and Mail


Foreword by Professor Khaleel Mohammed
The Letter
How I Became a Muslim Refusenik
Seventy Virgins?
When Did We Stop Thinking?
Gates and Girdles
Who’s betraying Whom?
The hidden Underbelly of Islam
Operation Ijtihad
In Praise of honesty
Thank God for the West
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