Tamil New Poetry - Twentieth Century Tamil Poets

Tamil New Poetry - Twentieth Century Tamil Poets

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Author: K S Subramanian
Translator(s): K S Subramanian
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189020463


Words translated. Thoughts in transit. Layered with dark humour and precise imagery, a collection of poems to plunge you into the core of meaning, Katha proudly presents its first anthology, tinted in every wash of life and dotted with the Sirissa trees and wailing Palms of the Tamil landscape.

An anti-tradition is living, breathing history, a contemporary past. Tamil Poetry traces its origin to thousands of years ago. Beautifully translated by Dr. K.S. Subramanian, the anthology is the latest chapter in this history. Featuring a range of poets, from stalwarts like Na Pichamurthy to young artists like Kanimozhi, seeking a sun aflame as a sandal bowl, and a name that does not respond/To anyone’s voice; it brings together diverse voices united in their expertise.


Drifting by Kalyanji
To Fly is its Freedom by B Kalpana
Bunker Days by Pa Akilan
Sharada by Manushyaputhran
The Poem to My Rescue by Erode Tamizhanban
Rawsilk Sarees by Kali-Das
Toys by A Venila
The Alienated by Lakshma
Morning Call by Kalapriya
Kuppusami by Phoenix
I discarded by Karikalan
The Tree by Kali-Das
Yours and Ours by Kalingarayan
God, Kandasami Pariah, and his Tribe by adavan Deetshanya
It Takes One Minute by Devadatchan
Genesis by Malathi Maitri
Chain Reaction by Premil
Stain by Umamaheshwari
Wave by Sha Ah
Party Workers by N Arivumathi
The Boon by Adavan Deetshanya
Untitled by Ananda
Rainscape by Cheran
Near and Far by Kallazhagar
The Exalted by Ganankkoothan
Old Age by Subramania Raja
We Had a Room by K Samayavel
Walkout by Mu Metha
Silence by Sirpi Balasubramaniam
A Glow-warm meets the Sun by Navakavi
Untitled by Erode Tamizhanban
Unitetled by Erode Tamizhanban
Paati by ND Rajkumar
Void by Nakulan
The Belgian Mirror by Sirpi Balasubramaniam
Crushed by M Yuvan
The Loudd Aplause by Palnilavan
An Equation by Karikalan
School Day Night by R Kamarasu
Revelation by Tapasi
Crucible by Kutty Revathi
Defeat by Tamizhachi
Sparrow by Ka Naa Subrahmanyam
Good Friday Thought by C Sivasegaram
The Statue Speaks by Ka Mohanarangan
The Slithery by Lakkumikumaran Gnanadiraviam
Difting by Kalyajni
To Fly is its Freedom
Untitled by Kugai M Pugazhendi
The Parrot Cage
Primal Cause
Music’s Prayer
The Last Reel
The Morning Arter
The Speaking Subject
A Prayer
This World is Beautiful
Afloat by Ira Meenakshi
Mother’s Lies by Ganankkoothan
Room and Space by C Mani
Determination by Darisanapriyan
Hamony by M Murugesh
The Defining Moment
Why by Erode Tamizhanban
A riddle
The Gulf
The Elemental Language
Wings by Umapathi
Untitled by Vikramadityan
Aroma of the Fingerprint
Matters not by Ananda
Storm Signal
The Prison of Art by CS challapa
Three poles
We Have No words
New Testament
In Limbo
This world by M Yuvan