Resistible Rise - A Fascism Reader

Resistible Rise - A Fascism Reader

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Author: Margit Koves
Shaswati Mazumdar/
Editor(s): Margit Koves / Shaswati Mazumdar
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 325
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187496517


The phenomenon of movements and organizations with chauvinist agendas finding their way into parliaments and in some cases into governments is a striking feature of our times, even though the current world context and the forces that drive it are not quite the same as those that first gave birth to fascism.

What factors underlie the rise of contemporary fascist tendencies? Can the investigation of how and why fascism initially emerged, of the forces that gave it sustenance and ensured its victory, help in understanding the nature of the contemporary tendencies? Though different in important ways from the period in which fascism first gained ascendancy, the contemporary world nevertheless shares many of the features that initially provided fascism with its raison d'être.

The Reader offers a selection of writings from the postwar and inter-war period by left-wing scholars, political figures and critics of culture with the hope of encouraging reflection and debate. The predominant focus is on German Fascism, but the selection includes pieces on Italy, Hungary, postwar America. It attempts to give an account of the major issues in Marxist debates on Fascism and to also provide a sense of the changing political pressures and constraints in which these debates took place.






Section One
Towards a Marxist Theory of Fascism and National Socialism: A Report on Developments in West Germany
‘Holocaust’-Research in Germany: From 1945 to the Goldhagen Debate
Economy and Politics in the Destruction of the Weimar Republic
Terror and Demagoguery in the Consolidation of the Fascist Dictatorship in Germany, 1933-34
Intention and Explanation: A Current Controversy About the Interpretation of National Socialism
The Fascism of Our Times
On Fascism
The Struggle Against Fascism
On the Question of Fascism
On Fascism
The Working Class Against Fascism
Fascism Against the Working Class
Section Three
Summary Transition: Non-Contemporaneity and Obligation to Its Dialectic
The Fascist Falsification of Goethe
A Necessary Observation on the Struggle Against Barbarism
Brief Chronology