A Journey Through India

A Journey Through India

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Author: Supriya Guha
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 80
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174370587


India: a vast landmass termed a subcontinent. From the blue-white icy Himalayas with their simple settlements and crimson-clad Buddhist monks to the southernmost tip at Kanyakumari where the three oceans meet, India measures 1900 miles. The grey and gold deserts of Rajasthan; the patchwork of the heavily cultivated Gangetic plain; the tea plantations, bamboo groves and the mangrove swamps of the east; the tropical jungles of the south; the rolling coasts; the jungles of the south; the rolling coasts; the Deccan with its dazzling fields of sunflower-a total area of 3,287,782 sq km. Containing over a fifth of the world’s population, its area approximates that of Europe but in the variety of its culture, flora and fauna it rivals any continent.

An excellent way of sampling this cultural opulence is through India cuisine. The process of preparing, serving and eating a meal in India is steeped in ritual. The dishes are subtle, with piquant flavours. There is an endless variety of individual preparations of such pedestrian fare as lentils-of all shapes, sizes or colour: sprouted, green, black, yellow and pink.