Doon on a Sunday

Doon on a Sunday

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Author: David Keeling
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129108534


David Keeling invites you to savour the delights of Uttaranchal, to sit in a sunny spot on his lawn, watch the goldfish frolic in the pond and Freddie, his golden Labrador, chase the monkeys that happily feed on the fruit trees. All the while Maali and Miss Maali tend quietly to the garden while Girl Friday plays Bach in the Background. The gods in the Himalayan range that peek over his terrace smile indulgently on.

Witty and insightful, Doon on a Sunday is scattered with anecdotes and observations on life in Dehra Doon, and other little corners of the world, peopled with interesting, funny, endearing characters. With a discerning eye, an aptitude for detail and a pen that slices through the hypocrisies of modern day society, the author paints a colourful canvas with this collection of articles, interspersed with verse and song.




The Courteous Battle of Kalanga
Dancing in the Dark to Peru’s National Anthem
Mussoorie-An Affair to remember
Sisterly tales-How to Raise Hair at Landour
Trust Me, I Was Not Man-Handled
Teddy bears Picnic at Bitter waters
New Year Resolutions-Gone with the Hangover
But Antique Suits Me, It also Boots Me
Why Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker
House-Proud-Oakless in Oak Land
Buffalo Tales-When One and Two Make Half
Flying Zone
Tully Ho! Ganga is in Gujrat
Sane Dog & Englishman-Why One Prefers Sandals, the Other, Ursula Andress
Speeches, Mosquitoes and Other Things that Bite
Why Insurance is Not My Policy
Sunny Sundays and Miserable Mondays
Chutney Roads and Ruskin’s Advice
If Love is Novel, International Love is a Fiction
LEG-Break: Bad Dog and Englishman
Simply Foul, Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Why I Want a Slice of Turkey with Olives from Greece
If I Sing a Song, the Cows Will Go Home
How to Slip a Sloop into the Bottle
By Order of the British Empire, God Calls Me God
A Fishy Story
An Englishman at the Devil’s Tea Party
Thank God for India, Tolstoy Wrote Lolita
To Have a House High on the Hill
After Sunday, it has to be Girl Monday
If I had Eighty million Pounds, I Could Do with a Blue Lagoon or Two
To be in Doon, Now that Monsoon is Here
An Independence Samosa for Freddie
Plain Tales from the Foothills
Why Gin Always Acts Like a Tonic
Why Notting Hill Could have been Pretty Putney
Why I’d Never Confess to Monks, Young or Old
God Propose but BSNL Disposes
But You Need Strong Bones to Survive a Gin or Three
To Sit on a Chair and Watch People Stare