Bonsai Culture

Bonsai Culture

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Author: Leila Dhanda
Publisher: ANB Publishers
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The age-old Japanese art of dwarfing and shaping trees in shallow pots, bonsai, has come to India very recently. It is a subject not formerly practiced much here, and therefore is, only now being described in book form. So far, the guiding literature available to the enthusiastic beginner has been mainly books written abroad, dealing with flora and climatic conditions quite alien to ours. There has, therefore, been a crying need for a book based entirely on Indian conditions for the benefit of the Indian reader.

Bonsai Culture has been written from Leila Dhanda’s personal experience of growing bonsai in India over a number of years, and has entailed experimentation and research in the subject.

The book is a lucid step by step guide to the prospective grower of bonsai. The various methods of starting this hobby, and suitable plans for making bonsai are given. The styles in which trees may be grown; the properties and values of soils; suitable containers, accessories and tools required are described.

The techniques of pruning and trimming; ‘shaping’ and ‘potting’ ; and details of daily care and maintenance which are very vital for the bonsai culturist, have been clearly explained.
. In the 3rd edition a lot of new additions of text & photographs in black & white & colour have been done, the new edition is much more exhaustive than the earlier ones.


1. Introduction
2. Starting
3. Choice
4. Style
5. Soil, container, accessories and tools
6. Shaping and potting
7. Pruning and trimming
8. Manuring
9. Re-potting
10. Daily care and maintenance
11. Displaying, exhibiting and buying
12. Important do’s and dont’s and repititions of important points
13. Miscellaneous points
14. Tray landscapes and forest planting