India Mystica (CD-ROM)

India Mystica (CD-ROM)

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Author: Magic Software
Publisher: Magic Software
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: -
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189532005


Why are cows worshipped in India? What is the significance of Bindi? How did Ganesha get his elephant head? What is Om?

The answers to these and many more questions are found in IndiaMystica - an interactive multimedia journey through the popular beliefs and practices of a 4000 year civilization.

IndiaMystica contains hundreds of pages of text with 400 pictures and illustrations. Over 400 audios, videos and animations bring alive one of the world's oldest living faiths with the power of multimedia.

Read, watch, hear and experience the mystique of India:

- Beliefs & Concepts - Customs & Ceremonies - Nature Worship - Religious Texts - Read explanatory text researched from ancient scriptures - Visualize symbols of faith in high quality photographs and illustrations - See myths and legends come alive in vibrant, narrated animations- Discover the sounds of hymns and songs routinely heard in homes and temples- Watch full motion video of ceremonies and festivals as practiced for centuries- Hear authentic pronunciation of vernacular words- Look up the comprehensive Glossary for an explanation of unfamiliar terms

IndiaMystica will surprise you, it will inform you, it will entertain you ! It will become your world.

System Requirements

Multimedia PC with 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended)8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended) CD-ROM driveAudio CardHeadphones or speakersSVGA 256-color displayMicrosoft Windows 3.1 (or later) with 640 X 480 256-color display

Some Customer Reviews

I am a doctor in Gwalior. It was only the other day, that I bought from Delhi, yourmultimedia CD - India Mystica. Hats off to you for a great effort. All of us have like liked the content and the presentation in its entirety.

- Dr. Deepak Johri MD (

We the young of 21st century, modern -so to say; with awareness of our rich heritage only for using as a catch word, shallow/ pseudo thinkers needed something like this to shake us up ... Your articles are: Very well, written, precise, short (to cater to most people's reducing attention spans), informative & instill pride and awareness in India.

- Smita (

I have purchased indiaMystica earlier this year and have found this superb program very informative and educational.

- Bill Pfeifer (

Great attempt to educate the world about India

- Bhagirath Choudhary (New Delhi, India)

Very interesting & encouraging

- Ramanand Sagar ( Eminent Film maker, Bombay, India)

Dear Brother, I have seen a version of your CD India Mystica on a PC, and I was elated to discover your excellent and complete work.



- Pramod Tiwari (Development Scientist New Delhi, India)

Very Impressive effort, Greatly inspiring , Keep it up

- Dr. B. Rajesh Srinivas (New Delhi, India)

In all its facets, right from clear chimes of ringing bells at the temples to the chanting of reverential Vedic hymns, digitized motion videos of important ceremonies, animation of episodes of the great epics, rich baritone voice of the opening commentator and in the sheer articulation of all its details, your work has emerged a distinct winner. Also considering that a good deal of lead time would have gone into its creation, the format and aesthetics of presentation do have a practical, contemporary appeal.

- Major PC Joshi, (CAT Centre, Air Defence & Guided Missile School)

...your software is well-done and the subject of your CD software is most interesting to me. I have visited many places in India and would like to know more about it, its traditions, and its religions.

- Milan Sefcik (

This is a very interesting CD for us Indians living abroad, since it introduces IndianCulture to our youngsters.

- Vijay Math Kent, UK

I had the opportunity to see your CD ROM India Mystica at an Indian cultural fair inFremont, California, last weekend; and I was very impressed about its excellent quality.

- Rodolfo Don (

Very educative and creatively designed

- Rohit Srivastava (New Delhi, India)

Its a great product, Lucid language & very comprehensive & vast

- Subrahmaniam Santakumar (Kerala, India)

Superb Results/Congrats

- Manoj Sachdev