Non-Operative Considerations in Ancient Indian Surgery - Vol 6

Non-Operative Considerations in Ancient Indian Surgery - Vol 6

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Author: G D Singhal
K P Shukla/Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): R H Singh
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Year: 1980
Language: multilingual
Pages: 396
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170841606


Susruta, the Father of Surgery, wrote his Samhita (treatise) about 2500 years ago in Sanskrit at Varanasi, India, and classified it into six cantos. All its 186chapters are being brought out as Ancient Indian Surgery series in 10 volumes in a very authoritative, scientific, literal, research oriented, syntax interpretation using modern medical terminology along with original Sanskrit Text by a team of 20 dedicated Ayurvedic practitioners from the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University.

This volume, 6th in the series of 1- volumes, is based on Cikitsa-sthana, chapters 24-40 of Susruta Samhita. It deals with pancakarma therapies, rejuvenation procedures, aphrodisiacs and prevention of diseases. Some of these are of great practical utility, specially from the research point of view.


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1 Prevention of Diseases
2 The Management of Miscellaneous Disorders
3 The Aphrodisiac Treatments for the Sexually Weak
4 General Restorative Treatment s for Al Disorders
5 The Restorative Therapy for Promoting Intellectual Sharpness and Longevity
6 The Restorative Treatments for the Prevention of the Natural Diseases
7 Restorative Treatments to Remove the Distress
8 Oleation Therapy
9 Sudation Therapy
10 The Management of Ailments Curable by the Emetic and the Purgative Therapies
11 The Management of the Complications of the Emetic and the Purgative Therapies
12 Specifications of the Enema Treatment and the Nozzels
13 The Management of the Complications of the Enema Treatment caused by an improperly used Netra-bati
14 Therapeutics of Oily Enemas and urethral/Vaginal Irrigations
15 The Schedule of the Decoction Enema Treatment
16 The Treatment of the Undesirable Side-effects in the patients
17 Treatment by Medicated Fumigations, Errhines and Gargles.