Nagas -The Tribe and The Cult

Nagas -The Tribe and The Cult

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Author: R K Sharma
Publisher: Aryan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 218
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173053065


Nagas, the snake-worshipping communities of Ancient India occupy an important place in Indian history. To a student of Indian history and the common man alike, it appears as if there lay a complete veneer to belief in the divinity of the Nagas and of the Naga racial blood over the length and breadth of India. From Kashmir, Tibet, or Nepal to the Malabar Coast in the South; from Gujarat to Bengal and Assam; from Sri Lanka to Java, Sumatra and Cambodia, there are very few places indeed where we do not meet frequently with individual or local names of which the word Naga forms a part, or where the ruling dynasty is not believed sometimes to have been associated with Naga clan.

The subject is interesting, for, on deeper investigation, it is found that intricacies associated with Naga problem in Indian History, particularly as a tribe and as a cult, are too many. It is precisely for his reason that several distinguished scholars have approached the problem differently. A critical history of the Nagas based on reliable evidences and presented in a chronological order is the need of the hour and the present book is an attempt to fulfil this need.

The history of the Nagas bristles with controversial problems, particularly relating to its origin, different ruling dynasties, their mutual relationship and relations with contemporary powers. Based on evidences supplied by archaeological and literary sources and accounts of the foreign travelers and writers, discussions on all problems have been attempted. All efforts have been made to draw attention on each controversial issue with a view to enable the reader to form his own opinion. The work is limited within the time frame of the earliest times to c 15th century AD.





I. Nagas: The Tribe and the cult
II. Traditional History
III. The Nagas of Magadha
IV. The Nagas of Vidisha, Padmavati, Kantipuri, Mathura and other Naga dynasties
V. The Bharasiva Nagas
VI. Nagas in the History of Kashmir
VII. The Chhindaka Nagas of Chakrakuta, Nagas of Kawardha and Bhatgaon
VIII. Naga Association with Sri Lanka, South India, Deccan, East India and Greater India
IX. Conclusion