Health Promotion, Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Population Regulation-Strategies for Developing Countri

Health Promotion, Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Population Regulation-Strategies for Developing Countri

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Author: Kuttan Mahadevan
S Krishna Kumar/Vivek K Panikkar
Editor(s): Kuttan Mahadevan / S Krishna Kumar /
Publisher: B R Publishing
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 420
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176465119


The major focus of this book is on health promotion through multiple and effective policies-cum-strategies. During 20th century, the most important health problem of human beings was the threat of HIV/AIDS. Therefore, all the successful experiences of two African countries, Senegal and Uganda and NGO’s efforts in Tamilnadu, India, for drastically reducing this deadly disease and additionally required powerful strategies have been exhaustively and effectively presented.

This book can educate the Policy Makers, Consultants, Teachers, Researchers, NGOs, Managers and Administrators for the total welfare of humanity. It can serve as a good text book for M P H Students, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Behavioral Scientists, Social Workers, Health Educators, Home Scientists, Managers and other faculty members for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. It is the book for regulation of population growth and improving the better quality of life of the humanity in developing as well as developed countries.



Part-I: High Priority Programmes for Health Promotion
1. Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Perspectives on Past Successful Case Studies and Promising Policies-cum-Strategies on Behavioural Change
2. Child Survival, Strategies for the Development and Quality of Life: An International Perspective
3. Empowerment of Women through Health Education for Healthy Living of Mothers and Children
4. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in India
5. Determinants of Fertility and Contraceptive Behaviour and Implications on Health-cum-Quality of Life
Part-II: Strategies for Health Promotion
6. Health Behaviour of Patients / Clients and the Major Determinants: A Holistic Perspective
7. Life Style, Exercise, Scientific Indigenous Medicine, Health Promotion & Longevity
8. Communication, Health Promotion and Population Regulation for Developing Countries: Perspectives on Holistic Approach
9. Communication through Cultural Strategies for Awareness and Prevention of AIDS in India
10. Importance of Behavioural Sciences for Health Promotion and Quality of Life
Part-III: Policies for Better Quality of Life
11. Child Health and Survival Policies for Developing Countries
12. A Multidimensional Approach to Population Control Policy
13. Approaches to the Study of Elderly Population
14. New Perspectives on Community Health Education for Better Quality of Life in Developing Countries
Part-IV: Theoretical Perspectives
15. Life Affecting Variables of Children: Analytical Framework and Conceptual Model
16. Empowerment of Women and Population Dynamics: Analytical Framework and Conceptual Model
17. Conceptual Models on health, Population and Development: new Perspectives on Theory
Appendix 1: A Model of Action Research
Appendix 2: List of Books of Prof K Mahadevan