Molluscan Fisheries of India

Molluscan Fisheries of India

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Author: K A Narasimham
Publisher: B R Publishing
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 364
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176465038


In India, among the mollusks, several species of gastropods and bivalves are traditionally fished for food and shell, particularly in coastal rural areas. In shallow estuaries and bays, women and children also participate in collecting them as a source of nutritious food. The annual production of gastropods and bivalves is estimated at about 1,00,000 t. The annual production of cephalopods is about 1,05,000 t and the export earnings are over 600 crores.

Fishing for molluscs provides employment and income to lakhs of people, particularly to those living in coastal rural areas. The farming of bivalves is fast picking up, and during 2002, the production of oysters was estimated at 350 t and mussels 1250 t. Both freshwater and marine pearl culture by entrepreneurs/farmers is rapidly spreading, and high quality pearls produced by them are being marketed.

This is the first comprehensive book to be published on the molluscan fisheries and their aquaculture in India. In contains 15 chapters. The chapter on Introduction is followed by chapters 2 to 11 which deal with Chank, Topshell and Green Snail, Abalones and other Gastropods, Oysters, Pearl Oysters, Pearl mussels, Marine Mussels, Clams, Windowpane Oyster and Cephalopods respectively. Each chapter contains information on resources and culture. Chapter 12 deals on Principal Diseases, 13 on Shellfish and Public Health, and 14 on Integrated Farming Systems, using molluscs as biofilters.

The last chapter on, Recent Developments, covers an array of topics, mostly on technological advances made in other countries towards increasing the production and productivity of molluscs. The book is well illustrated with ink drawings and colour photographs and contains more than 1100 references. This book not only gives comprehensive information on the current status of molluscan resources but also deals on the developments in the global scenario.






1. Introduction
2. Chank
3. Topshell and Green snail
4. Abolones and other gastropods
5. Oysters
6. Pearl oysters
7. Pearl mussels
8. Marine mussels
9. Clams
10. Windowpane oyster
11. Cephalopods
12. Principal Diseases
13. Shellfish and public health
14. Integrated farming
15. Recent developments