Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

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Author: N P Padhy
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 624
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978-0-19-567154-4


Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts and techniques in artificial intelligence. The book discusses current trends in AI and its application to various fields.

Intelligent systems such as expert systems, fuzzy systems, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and swarm intelligent systems are discussed in detail with examples to facilitate in-depth understanding of AI. The text emphasizes the solution of real-world problems using the latest AI techniques. Since the ultimate goal of AI is the construction of programs to solve problems, an entire chapter has been devoted to the programming languages used in AI problem solving.

Written in a clear and lucid style, this student-friendly book has been specially designed for undergraduate engineering students. With its application oriented approach and inclusion of recent topics, the book would also be useful to postgraduate students and researchers in this field.


Includes real-world examples to illustrate concepts
Contains a separate chapter on programming languages in AI
Includes new topics such as swarn intelligent systems
Explains genetic algorithms and swarn intelligence using examples
Provides numerous illustrations, examples, and end-chapter exercises



Artificial Intelligence: History and Applications
Knowledge Representation: Reasoning, Issues, and Acquisition
Heuristic Search
State Space Search: Implementation and Applications
Artificial Intelligence Problem-solving Languages
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Systems
Artificial Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Programming
Swarm Intelligent Systems