Political Geography

Political Geography

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Author: G S Mohanthy
Editor(s): G S Mohanthy
Publisher: Isha Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 305
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8182052440


Geography is closely related to politics. One of its branches, political geography, studies the relationship between geographical space and politics. Interest in political geography has diminished after the Second World War. However the end of the Cold War, globalisation and the new threats to security have brought geographical space to the foreground again. Knowing and understanding the geographical concepts and analyses becomes thus essential to students of political science and of other social sciences.

The purpose of this book is to offer a general introduction to political geography by explaining the conditions of its development, by proposing a general theoretical framework for analyzing the relationship between space and politics, by initiating to the intricacies of apparently simple spatial concepts and by illustrating the usefulness of the geographical approach in today’s world. Thus, nationalism, globalisation democracy, civil conflicts, foreign policies, the new world order, political boundaries, poverty and terrorism, etc., are discussed through a geographical perspective.

The book aims at making the reader realize the importance and magnitude of the problems that arise from the interrelationship of political and geographical factors. It is hoped that this book will fulfil a gap in the study of political geography, and prove useful to all those concerned.



1. Introduction
2. Geopolitics
3. Impact of Political Boundaries
4. Political Geography of Poverty
5. Nations as Social Constructions
6. Political Geography of Democracy
7. Political Geography of Civil Conflict
8. Political Geography of Foreign Policy
9. Political Geography of World Orders
10. Political Geography in Everyday Life