Paradigm Shift in Training in the Army

Paradigm Shift in Training in the Army

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Author: Brigadier Balbir Pama
Publisher: Knowledge World
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187966297


Training for war is the sacred duty of all commanders in the chain of command. With the advent of new technologies, nature and concept of war fighting is undergoing rapid changes. Revolution in Military Affairs and nuclearisation of the region has added new dimensions to the type of warfare we are likely to engage in future. This book examines various facets of training right from womb to tomb and suggests ways and means to improve further under the existing circumstances. This book also gives suggestions that would be of relevance to all from company commander onwards.

The management of training needs a single point control like all other functions in the Army and evaluation of training can only give the clear picture of the state of training. In addition, issues such as recruitment, training of junior leaders, individual training, collective training, education system, joint training, wargaming and simulation have been analysed and ways and means suggested to optimize and improve further. The research carried out is an attempt to upgrade the training and the training system in consonance with the changing environment.