Study of Philology - Sanskrit and the Derived Languages

Study of Philology - Sanskrit and the Derived Languages

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Author: R G Bhandarkar
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 368
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818090086X


This book deals with various aspects of philology. Modern vernaculars of Northern India are also included. This book delivered a course of seven lectures on Sanskrit in its several forms, the Pali and the Dialects of the period, the Prakrits and the Apabhramsa, Phonology of the Vernaculars, Remnants of the older Grammatical Forms in the Vernaculars, New Grammatical Formations to supply the place of the forms that had disappeared and General Questions as to the relation between several languages.

The method followed in the book is strictly historical, tracing the modern vernaculars from the original Sanskrit through all the different stages of development of which we have evidence and assigning the different transformations to their causes, natural or physical, racial and historical.