Pura - Prakasa     (2 Volumes Set)

Pura - Prakasa (2 Volumes Set)

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Author: A K Sharma
M I Quddusi/M Y Quddusi
Editor(s): A K Sharma / M I Quddusi / M Y Quddusi
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 598
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818090007X


This commemoration volume carries essays on recent researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History and conservation. This collector's issue is a tribute to famous Indian scholar Z A Desai.


The Contributors
List of Figures
List of Plates
Dr Ziyau-din A. Desai- A Great Scholar / P V Janardhanan
Dr Desai as I knew him / M C Joshi
Volume I
Section I
1. Himalaya - The Cradle of early man / A.K. Sharma
2. Indian Prehistoric Rock Art : A few Observations
Section II
3. Boats in Ramayana / Alok Tripathi
4. Fifty years of Harappan Studies: Recent Archaeological Discoveries and their Implications / K.M. Srivastava
5. Harappan Script on the final Way to Decipherment / D.P. Sharma
6. Harappan Jewellery / Madhuri Sharma
7. Generation Gap: The Vedic Evidence / Arun Kumar and Bhuvana Vikrama
8. A Protohistoric painted Motif ffrom Baluchistan: Its significance / Krishna Kumar
Section III
Art and Architecture
9. Stone Images of Brahmanical Deities from Antichak (Bihar) / S.C. Saran
10. Antiquity of Brahmi Script in the Light of Discovery from Rajagraha of a Glass seal with Brahmi Script and Yupa within Railing Symbol / G.C. Chauley
11. A unique Image of Ambika on Dwar-Sakha / Rajendra Yadav
12. A rare Image from Kaner-ki-Putli, Distt. Bhilwara / Kanwar Singh
13. Mahakalesvara Temple at Bijolian, Rajasthan / B.L. Nagarch
14. Recentrly discovered Paramara Sculptures from Chandel, District East Nimar, Madhya Pradesh / N.C. Prakash
Section IV
15. Three votive Brahmi Inscriptions from Ujjain / T.S. Ravishankar
16. Ancient Indian Numerals / B.R. Mani
17. Sri Lankan and Indian Inscriptions - A study in Comparison and Contrast / K.V. Ramesh
18. Epigraphs in Relation to Museums / M.D. Sampath
19. Memorial Inscriptions of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh / Jai Prakash
20. Pallava Epigraphs - A study / K. Karuppiah
21. Impact of Sanskrit on Inscriptions of Karnataka / Madhava N. Katti
22. Epigraphical References to the Lesser known Architectural Edifices and Sculptural remains of the Badami Chalukyas (500-757 A.D.)
23. Bahur Inscription of Rashtrakuta Krishna III / S. Swaminathan
24. Guntur Inscription of Eastern Chalukya King Vijayaditya / C.A. Padmanabha Sastry
25. Four Inscriptions from Paithan / K.M. Bhadri
26. The Ahmadnagar Museum Copper-Plates of Yadava Airamdeva, Saka 1002 / Brahmanand Deshpande
27. Tarikh-Goyi: (Chronograms) in Arabic and Persian / G.S. Khwaja
28. Arabic & Persian inscriptions from Uttar Pradesh- A Bird’s ery-view / M. Ilyas Quddusi
29. Recent Discoveries of Arabic and Persian Inscriptions in Gujarat & Rajasthan / N.M. Ganam
30. Some Important Perso-Arabic Inscriptions of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra / M.F. Khan
31. Arabic and Persian Inscriptions from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa / M.Y. Quddusi
32. A Fourteenth Century Unique Inscription from Delhi Describing the Physical Features of Prophet Muhammad / W. H. Siddiqi
33. A Note on the Inscriptions of Bengal Sultans in the British Museum / Sutapa Sinha
34. Recently Discovered Inscriptions of the Husain Sahi Sultans of Bengal / Pratip Kumar Mitra
35. The Dargah of Baba Haji Ratan at Bhatinda / Subhas Parihar
36. A New Arabic Inscription from Chandragutti / H.R. Raghunath Bhat
37. Four Epitaphs from the Tomb of Zain Khan Koka (foster-brother) of Emperor Akbar from Agra / S.A. Rahim
38. Kami Shirazi: Discovery of His Last Resting place / S.S. Hussain
39. Historical Geography of Jalna / H.S. Thosar
40. An Interesting Persian Epitaph from Podile Adhra Pradesh / M.A. Siddiqui
Volume II
Section V
41. Some recent Numismatic finds from Sannati, Distt. Gulbarga, Karnataka / Ch. Babji Rao
42. A note on some coins with name, Denomination and Cyclic years / A.V. Narasimha Murthy
43. The Khalifah (Caliph) and Medieval Indian Coins / Danish Moin
44. Art and Artistic design on Medieval Indian Coins / Danish Moin and Dilip P. Balsekar
45. Ivory Workmanship in ancient Bundelkhand: Numismatic Evidence / Om Prakash Lal Srivastava
Section VI
46. Bayaz-I-Yaghmur / S.A.H. Abidi
47. A Hitherto unknown Letter of Ostad Bihzad / S.H. Qasemi
48. A rare Bayad of Muhammad Husain Kashmiri (A valuable specimen of Islamic Calligraphy) / Mohd. Atiqur Rahman
49. Risala-I-Qadamiya in Prose of Shaikh Faidi / Jamaluddin R. Shaikh Faidi / Jamaluddin R. Shaikh
50. Jahangir Namah - A Comparative Study / Md. Atiqur Rahman
51. Zad Al-Muttaqeen Wa Saluk-I-Tariq Al-Yaqin (A Contemporary work on the lives of the 16th Century Sufi/Theologians / Iqtidar Hussain Siddiqui
52. Tazkiratush Shuara- An Unique Manuscript / Saulat Ali Khan
Section VII
Persian Literature
53. The Warrior Saints of Ahmedabad and Burhanpur / Mahboob Husain Abbasi
54. An Early Seventeenth Century Persian Sufi Poet from Gujarat / Nisar Ahmad Ansari
55. Agha Sanjar Tehrani: An Iranian Literatueur of India in the Late 19th- early 20th Century / Sayyid Hasan Abbas
56. Use of Numerical Co-efficient like Zanajir, Ras, Manzil etc. in Persian Language / Nasirmiyan M. Qazi
Section VIII
57. Position of the Non-Muslims under the Khaljis and the Tughluqs: Reconsidered / Riazul Islam
58. Fads and Foibles: Perception of Administrative Traits of the Mughal State / S. Inayet A. Zaidi
59. Indian Traders in Iran in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century / Surendra Gopal
60. Majority-Minority Syndrome in Regional Politics: The Central Provinces and Berar, 1919-47 / Kanchanmoy Mojumdar
Section IX
61. Monumental Heritage of India- An Pverview / Jagat Pati Joshi
62. A Peep into the lasts Journey from an Archaeological Perspective / Prabash Sahu
63. Ethno-Archaeology of the Maria Funerary Monuments with special reference to the Khamb / Nandini Bhattacharya-Sahu
64. Some Glazed Ware in North India / J.S. Nigam
65. New Light on Bibi-Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad / Shaikh Ramzan
66. Gardens of the Bhosle Period at Nagpur / K.M. Girhe
67. Educational Development of Muslims in Vidarbha from 1882 to 1923 A.D. / S. Shabbir
68. Arabic and Persian Research Institute- A Replica of Art, Culture and Languages / Sahibzada Shaukat Ali Khan
69. Identification of Vikramsila University / Amar Nath Khanna
70. Bhangarh : A Medieval Settlement- An Archaeological Study / C. Margabandhu
71. Some outstanding Mega Vaishnavite Images of Karnataka / L.K. Srinivasan
72. History of Settlements in Ganga0Yamuna Doab / R.P. Sharma
73. Hampi: Its Epic Tradition and Archaeology / A. Sundara