The Ayurvedic System of Indian Medicine (3 Vol. Set)

The Ayurvedic System of Indian Medicine (3 Vol. Set)

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Author: Kaviraj Nagendra Nath Sengupta
Y T Jasrai/
Editor(s): Y T Jasrai
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 1310
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818090041X



The results of your investigations have been a revelation to me. I had, until I read them, no idea of the high level, which the Ancient Indians had attained in the surgical treatment of diseases, One cannot refrain from complimenting you on the wideness of your reading. You seem to be as familiar with Hippo-crates and Celsus, as with Susruta and Charaka, I used to wonder a little at the interest which Dr Hoernle and other able men took in Indian medicine. But Dr Hoernle’s Os.teology opened my eyes a little and your disquisitions have enabled me to form a wider acquaintance with the whole subject.
-Charles H Tawney

The elaborate work on the Surgical Instruments of the Hindus evinces varied learning, diligent research and admirable skill in methodical arrangement and it will rank as a valuable contribution to Indian Medical literature.
-Gooroo Das Banerjee

No one could have done greater justice to the subject. The author of such a work should combine in him a thorough knowledge of modern surgery, the critical method of the West, and a vast acquaintance with Sanskrit medical literature. It is sourcely necessary to add that in you one can readily recognize a rare and harmonioius combination of all these requisite qualities.
-Dr P C Ray


I. Health
II. Diagnosis of Disease
III. Examination of the Urine
IV. Arishta Lakshana (Prognostications of Dealth)
V. Diseases-How to Ascertain
VI. Fevers
VII. Enlargement of the Spleen and the Liver
VIII. Fever With Diarrhoea
IX. Immature of Acute Diarrhoea
X. Lienteric Dysentery
XI. Piles
XII. Loss of Appetite and Indigestion
XIII. Visuchika
XIV. Intestinal Worms
XV. Chlorosis and Anaemia
XVI. Blood-Bile
XVII. Phthisis
XVIII. Bronchitis
XIX. Phthisis-I
XX. Hiccup and Asthma
XXI. Hoarseness of Voice
XXII. Disgust for Food
XXIII. Vomiting
XXIV. Thirst
XXV. Swoons, Vertigo and Apoplexy
XXVI. Alcoholism
XXVII. Burning of the Skin
XXVIII. Insanity
XXIX. Epilepsy
XXX. Diseases of the Nervous System
XXXI. Tubercular Leprosy
XXXII. Paraplegia
XXXIII. Acute Rheumatism
XXXIV. Cula, Pains
XXXV. Disease Due to Constipated Wind
XXXVI. Abdominal Tumours
XXXVII. Chest-Disease
XXXVIII. Strangury and Retention of Mine
XXXIX. Calculus
XL. Gonorrhoea
XLI. Diabetes
XLII. Liquidity of the Semen and Loss of Virile Power
XLIII. Obesity
XLIV. Abdominai Dropsy
XLV. Edoema of Inflammation
XLVI. Hydrocele
XLVII. Bronchocele and Goitre
XLVIII. Elephantiasis
XLIX. Deep-Seated and Other Abscesses
L. Fistula-in-ano
LI. Syphilis
LII. Leprosy and Leucoderma
LIII. Urticaria
LIV. Sour-Bile
LV. Erysipelas and Malignant Boils
LVI. Small Pox
LVII. Minor Skin Diseases
LVIII. Diseases of the Mouth
LIX. Diseases of the Ear
LX. Diseases of the Nose
LXI. Diseases of the Eye
LXII. Headcache
LXIII. Diseases of Women
LXIV. Diseases of Pregnancy
LXV. Puerperal Diseases
LXVI. Diseases of Children
LXVII. Rasayana of Tonic
LXVIII. Bajikarana the Use of Aphrodisiacs
LXIX. Domestic Medicines