A Study of Palmistry Science

A Study of Palmistry Science

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Author: William G Benham
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 672
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8180900584


It was offered as a working hypothesis in 1900 to-day it is a fact, proved by the discovery of scientific men that each brain cell is an electric dynamo, and energy generated by thought has been recorded on graphs. This book, therefore, contained the first workable method of reading any line in the hand, enabling the student to follow each line with its detail of events from beginning to end correctly.
It is felt that the hand analysish has stood the test in so many corners of the earth, for such a period of years, with the test being made by so many thousands of people, of so many nationalities, who comprise people with every point of view, has proved itself worthy of confidence. You, who own the book, can use it with renewed confidence. New owners may regard it as a safe guide which will not lead them astray.

It has eight hundred illustrations from life. The illustrations in the following pages are made from the hands of people located in all parts of the United States. The collection comprises hands of the most famous men and women of the age-those who have made history and ruled nations.



1. The Basis of our Work - The Plan of Creation - The Mount types
2. The Human Engine - Birth of The Child - The Life Current - A Talk to parents - General Attributes of the Lines
3. Pose and Carriage of The Hands
4. Preliminary Arrangements - What Hand to Use - Texture of The Skin
5. Consistency of The Hand
6. Flexibility of The Hands
7. Color of The Hands
8. The Nails
9. Hair on The Hands
10. The Hand as a Whole
11. The Fingers in General
12. The Finger Tips
13. Knotty fingers
14. Smooth Fingers
15. Long Fingers
16. Short Fingers
17. The Thumbs
18. Mounts and Fingers - How to Judge Them
19. The Mount of Jupiter
20. The Mount of Saturn
21. The Mount of Apollo
22. The Mount of Mercury
23. The Mount of Mars
24. The Mount of The Moon
25. The Mount of Venus

1. Introductory Words - What Lines are For - The Life Map - Some General Suggestions
2. A Working Hypothesis - Main, Minor, and Chance Lines - Proportion - the Two Hands
3. Character of The Lines - Defects and Repair - Individual Signs-Strengthening Lines
4. The Age of The Subject -Age as Indicated on The Lines
5. The Line of Heart
6. The Line of Head
7. The Line of Life
8. The Lines of Influence
9. The Line s of Affection
10. The Line of Saturn
11. The Line of Apollo
12. The Line of Mercury
13. The Girdle of Venus
14. The Minor Lines