The Ananda - Vana of Indian Art

The Ananda - Vana of Indian Art

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Author: Naval
Manu Krishna/
Editor(s): Naval / Manu Krishna
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 610
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186569480


Dr Rai Anand Krishna needs no introduction to the world of Indian Art and Culture. On his father Rai Krishnadasa's rich foundation, he structured his own creativity, experience of study, research and publication in this field. His creativity goes back to 1944 a long span of six decades; his tradition continues even to the next generation. His accessible and kind personality makes him a standing humanist dear to a whole generation of Indian art students who consider him his guru as well as his scholar friends.

These students and friends, now an intimate part of the `Krishna family', have in course of time carved for themselves a niche in their respective fields and are today among the outstanding scholars of Indian Art around the world. This unique volume is a compilation of articles contributed by these colleagues, friends and students--all Indian art specialists from the length and breadth of the world. They have come together by contributing interesting finds of their fields to form this book-offering which constitutes a landmark in this Ananda-vana of Indian Art, that is The Forest of Bliss of Indian Art.

Covering a time span from centuries prior to the beginning of Christian Era to the modern times,
i e almost 2000 years, this book embraces almost every facet of Indian Art, such as architecture, sculpture, textile, decorative arts, folk and modern art, sociology and culture. Enriched with over 500 spectacular colour and black and white relevant illustrations, this scholarly book, unprecedented in style, will not only be a source of information both textually and visually for the academics, but will also be of great interest to every person fascinated by the general or specialized study of Indian Art.







1. BCE to 11th Century
1. Ashokan Pillars : Medium, Chiseling and Composition / Vidula Jayaswal
2. Further Studies Towards a Definition of the Style of Early Historic Terracottas from the Indo-Gangetic Divide / Naman Ahuja
3. Genesis of Buddhist Art at Mathura / R. C. Sharma
4. Sultanganj's Early Document / Wladimir Zwalf
5. A New Vakataka Chronology / Walter M. Spink
6. Discoveries on the Indus / Michael W. Meister
7. Landmarks of Jaina Iconography / Maruti Nandan P. Tiwari
8. Tapasvini Parvati in the National Museum Collection / Shashi Kant Pathak
9. An Unusual Pala Devi Image in the Norton Simon Museum / Pratapaditya Pal
10. Some Daoist Deities and their Indian Prototypes / Terese Tse Bartholomew
11. A Tenth-Century Wooden Door from Rajasthan / Darielle Mason
12. Unexplored Textual Glimpses of Hariti / D. C. Bhattacharya
13. Identification of Five Unique Paintings from Central Asia Preserved in the National Museum, New Delhi / Binoy Sahai
14. Materials and Technique of Painting in the Tivanka Image House, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka / O. P. Agrawal and N. Wickramsinghe
15. Some Observations on the Philosophy of Painting as Found in an Early Medieval Vastu Text / P. K. Agrawala
16. Samavasarana in Jaina Art / Kamal Giri
2. 11th to 19th Century
17. A Philosopher's Taxonomy of Shiva Parvati Images / Harsha H. Dehejia
18. The Newly Excavated Bijamandala [Vaidyanatha] Temple at Khajuraho / Devangana Desai
19. Thoughts on Jaina Paintings in San Francisco Bay Area Collections / Robert Del Bonta
20. Shringara, Viraha and the Rasikapriya / Vishakha N. Desai
21. Two Rare Paintings on Birch Bark in the Chaurpanchashika Style / Lalit Kumar
22. Indian Cotton Textiles - A Radical Re-Dating : India, Southeast Asia and the Textile Trade / John Guy
23. A Seventeenth Century Calligraphic Masterpiece / Ziyauddin A. Desai
24. Portraits of Ordinary Men from the 16th Century Mughal School / Som Prakash Verma
25. Identification of Portraits of Birbal : Akbar's `Spiritual Companion' / Amita V. Sarin
26. Remarks on the Portraits of Holy Men in Mughal Painting / Amina Okada
27. Notes on Malwa Painting / Pramod Chandra
28. Loka Purusha : Jaina Paintings of the Three Worlds / Shridhar Andhare
29. Indra Sarovar Dam : In Service of the Royal Family Deity and the People / Bhanwar Lal Bhadani
30. A Vijnaptipatra Dated 1666 from Diu / Amit Ambalal
31. A Dispersed Ragamala from the Deccan / Andrew Topsfield
32. Illustrations on a Jamadhar in Jodhpur Fort in the Earliest Phase of the Marwar Painting Style? / Naval Krishna
33. Mughal Regional Centers in Eastern India / Catherine B. Asher
34. Portraits, Gift Giving and the Rajput Alliance of 1708 / Molly Emma Aitken
35. A Theological Statement by Krishnadeva Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya / Monika Horstmann
36. Interpreting a Pahari Painting : Rasamanjari or Rasikapriya Inverting a Metaphor / Ratan Parimoo
37. An Unusual Cloth Painting from the Pahari Region in the collection of the Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore / Gauri Parimoo Krishnan
38. A New Masterwork by Mir Kalan Khan / Stephen A. Markel
39. The Painter, the Queen and the Mole : Notes on a Newly-Discovered Painting about on Oft-told Tale / B. N. Goswamy and Eberhard Fischer
40. Copper Alloy Water Jars and the Pilgrimage Sites of Banaras / Hiram H. Woodward jr.
41. Sangeet Prakash of Udaipur Riyasat / D. B. Kshirsagar
42. A Golconda Artist at Basohli? / S. C. Welch
43. Some Rare Ivory Miniatures from the National Museum Collection, New Delhi / Anamika Pathak
3. 20th Century and Modern Age
44. Medals of the Indian Princely States / Kenneth X. Robbins
45. Abanindranath, Sailendranath and Rai Krishnadasa : Reference Meghaduta Paintings / T. K. Biswas
46. Ustad Mulchand as a Litho Artist / Anjan Chakraverty
47. An Architect of Makrana / Frederick M. Asher
48. The Goddess and Modernity / Alka Patel
49. Sonabai : An Innovative Artistic Legacy / Stephen P. Huyler
50. From Ritual to Retail / Mary C. Lanius
51. Craft as Activity or Activity as Craft : The Case of Minicoy
52. City of Desires : Performance and Interactive Art in Mumbai / Mary-Ann Milford-Lutzker
53. Ignoring the Icon : Ritual in a Modern Sun Temple / Joan Cummins
54. The Goddess in the Tree : Reflections on Nim-Tree Shrines in Varanasi / David Gordon White
55. Reconsidering A. K. Coomaraswamy's Interpretations of Some of the Verses of the Alekhyakarma of the Abhilashitarthachintamani / Deen Bandhu Pandey
56. Do Real Men Cry? Love, Gender, and Seasonality in Songs from India / Neeta Kumar