Collected Papers on Jaina Studies

Collected Papers on Jaina Studies

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Author: Padmanabh S Jaini
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 444
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120816919


Throughout his long academic career spanning some forty years, P S Jaini has focused his research on the religious, philosophical and literary achievements of the Buddhists and the Jains. In his inspiring and provocative works Jaini has employed various styles of investigation. Sometimes he has approached Buddhism and Jainism as independent phenomena or with reference to their engagement with the encircling Hindu world.

Most often, however, Jaini has studied the interaction of these two religions, with evidence from the one tradition being deployed to throw light on the other. His papers on Jaina Studies, scattered in many learned publications, are brought together here for the first time. They cover a wide range of topics including the Jaina view of the nature of reality, the doctrine of karma, the problem of rebirth, the idea of omniscience, the aptitude for salvation, and the assimilation of Hindu myths and rituals.




I. Introduction to Jaina Faith:
1. Ahimsa: A Jaina way of spiritual discipline.

II. Jaina Studies:
2. The Jainas and the western scholar.

III. Some Aspects of Reality in Jaina Doctrine:
3. Amrtacandra Suri's exposition on reality.
4. Svatantravacanamrta of Kanakasena.

IV. Some Aspects of Karma Theory:
5. Bhavyatva and Abhavyatva: a Jaina doctrine of 'Predestination'.
6. Tirthankara-Prakrti and the Bodhisattva path.
7. Karma and the problem of rebirth of Jainism.
8. Muktivicara of Bhavasena: text and translation.
9. Jaina debates on the spiritual liberation of women.
10. Kevali Bhuktivicara of Bhavasena : text and translation.

V. Jaina Ethics and Praxis:
11. Samayika.
12. The pure and the auspicious in the Jaina tradition.
13. Jaina festivals.
14. Indian perspectives on the spirituality of animals.
15. Is there a popular Jainism?.
16. Fear of food: Jaina attitudes on eating.
17. Jaina monks from Mathura: Literary evidence for their identification on Kusana sculpture.

VI. Jaina Puranas:
18. Jina Rsabha as an Avatara of Visnu.
19. Mahabharata motifs in the Jaina Pandavapurana.
20. Bhattaraka Sribhusana's Pandavapurana: A case of Jaina Sectarian plagiarism.
21. Jaina Puranas: a puranic counter tradition.