Sri Devi Lila - The Play of the Divine Mother

Sri Devi Lila - The Play of the Divine Mother

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Author: Vanamali
Publisher: Aryan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 347
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173053049


Our first relationship in the world is through the mother. The earliest memory of any person is that of clinging to the mother's breast and looking into her love-filled eyes. The comfort and security, which the infant gains from this relationship, lasts with him all his life. In the mother is centred a whole world of tenderness, comfort and sustenance. To transfer this concept to a cosmic being was a natural step, which all the ancient cultures took.

Therefore the concept of the divine as the mother is as old as life itself. Devi is the Divine Mother, the eternal womb of all creatures -- human, sub-human and animal. She cradles her children in her loving arms, suckles them and nurtures them with her infinite love. Wherever you see maternal love, in a bird or animal or human, know that to be the love of the Devi for her children, for she is the universal mother. This book takes us on ancient quest to unravel the mystery of the Divine Mother in all her manifold aspects.


This is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating books on the mystery of the Divine Mother, written in a clear lucid style which can be easily grasped by everyone.
-Swami Devananda

The Devi is synonymous with Shakti or divine power, that manifests, sustains and transforms the universe into one unified form of existence. Shakti has all the attributes of the Supreme-Power, knowledge and omniscience. They cannot be separated. They are like fire and heat. Worship of Devi is not sectarian. It is applicable to everyone.
-Swami Shivananda
Divine Life Society

How do I love thee? Countless are the ways. From the tumultuous locks on thy forehead, To the tips of they lotus feet. Drenched am I in the radiance of thy form. Thy arched brows, thy shell-like ears, Thy upper lip of exquisite beauty, The lower one-a treasure trove of desire. Soft and sweet like the petals of a rose. Thydetermined chin, Thy Slender neck, The golden breasts, The tinkling bells around thy waist, Above all thy doe-like eyes melting with love, Holding my own in thrall.

O Queen of Desire-Kameswari, Accept this gift of love, Filled with the wondrous tales of thy glory, timidly I lay this book, This holy book, At the golden feet, My humble offering of love.




1. Prakriti.
2. Parameshwari.
3. Maha Devi.
4. Rajarajeshwari.
5. Maheswari.
6. Parashakti.
7. Lalitha.
8. Tripurasundari.
9. Kameswari.
10. Durga.
11. Chandika.
12. Mahishasura Mardini.
13. Chamunda.
14. Sati.
15. Dakshaayini.
16. Parvati.
17. Aparna.
18. Gauri.
19. Ganga.
20. Maha Kaali.
21. Maha Lakshmi.
22. Maha Saraswati.
23. Radha.
24. Tulasi.
25. Sita.
26. Savitri.
27. Shivaduti.
28. Adi Shakti.
29. Smashan Tara.
30. Narayani.
31. Devi Kundalini.
32. Shivani.