River Valley Cultures of India

River Valley Cultures of India

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Author: K K Chakravarty
G L Badam/
Editor(s): K K Chakravarty & G L Badam
Publisher: Aryan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 376
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173053006


River Valleys have been the sites of the oldest human settlements and consequently the cradles of civilization as well as the repositories of the cultural milestones of the mankind. In India, rivers have played a predominant role in the temporal, cultural and spiritual life of the people through the ages. Several civilizations and associated multi-cultures have evolved around them. Many of them have disappeared leaving trails behind them; others continue in fully and partly transformed forms.

The present anthology of articles on the River Valley Cultures of India is a result of the seminar organized by Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal. It encompasses such diverse fields as hard rock geology, palaeoenvironment, palaeo-biological sciences and traditional archaeology. Also studied are settlement patterns, site formation processes, tribal research, dating methods, ecological history of rivers, diverse riparian systems and their role in history and the biocultural diversity of India.

The volume also addresses social problems facing man in the river valleys like disaster management and the rehabilitation of communities settled along the banks of the rivers, and various other aspects, scientific or social, of the riparian system. In view of its multidisciplinary nature, this book will be useful to every student and researcher interested in these areas.







1. Prehistoric River Valley Cultures in Nepal
2. Emergence of Early Cultures in River Valleys of Central Himalaya
3. A Note on the Satluj River Valley Culture in the Himachal Himalaya
Indo-Gangetic Region
4. A Note on the Archaeology and Food Economy at Charda
5. Mesolithic Cultures in the Middle Ganga Valley
6. A History of the Development of Human Cultures in the Tons Valley
7. Ecology, Settlement Pattern and Population in the Gangetic Plain During Mesolithic Phase
Eastern India
8. River Systems and the Emergence of Complex Society of Orissa
9. The Tel River Valley Civilization
10. From Stone age to Early Historic
11. Radhanagar and Beyond
12. Microlithic Culture in the Tarafeni Valley
13. Mesolithic and Early Historic Cultures in the Middle Mahanadi Valley, Boudh District, Central Orissa
Western India
14. Palaeolithic Cultural Sequence in the Sukhi Valley, Gujarat
15. Exploration in the Lilka River-basin in Saurashtra, Gujarat
16. Harappan and Harappan-affiliated Chalcolithic settlements of Rupen, Saraswati and Banas River Valleys of North Gujarat
Central India
17. Geology and Geomorphology of Upper Betwa Sub-Basin with Special Reference to the Area Around Sanchi
18. Faiths and Rituals of the Stone Age People in Chambal Valley
Eninsular India
19. Continental Drift vis-à-vis Peninsular Riparian System
20. The Upper Palar Basin
21. Pranhita-Godavari River Valley Cultures
22. Early Historic Archaeology of Tamil Nadu
23. The Pre and Protohistoric Cultures and Environment of the Kallada River-basin in Kollam district of Kerala, South India
24. The Nation an drivers: Cauvery in Karnataka’s Heritage
25. The Krishna-Tungabhadra Valley: The Protohistoric Kiskindha of the Vanaras (?)
26. Rivers in Adivasi cultures
27. River Goddesses in Mythology, Literature and Art
28. Significance of Freshwater Molluscs in the Indian Archaeological Context
29. River Valey Cultures at Cross-roads
30. Aminostratigraphy and Amino Acid Geochronology
31. Concluding Remarks