Vastu - The Origin of Feng Shui

Vastu - The Origin of Feng Shui

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Author: Marcus Schmieke
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 140
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221292


Vastu in Sanskrit means Nature and the surrounding environment, and Vastu (with a long a) means the art of building in harmony with Nature.

The ancient science of vastu is quite simply an art of protection and enhancement, avoiding Mother Nature’s negative forces while imbibing Her positive influences when residing or working in a building.

Nature has the final say in every dualistic aspect of our lives: success and failure, wealth and poverty, gain and loss, friends and enemies, happiness and distress, fame and infamy, are all proportionately issued to each and every individual by Nature.

Having good Vastu empowers you to harmonise with Nature, balancing the positives and negatives that consequently activate improvements in health, wealth, prosperity, spirituality, influences, energy levels, fame, learning and relationships.

Apply the great science of Vastu in your office or home, the places where we spend most of our lives and see the difference for yourself. There is virtually nothing to lose and much quality of life to be gained.


Two weeks after installing a Meru Chakra in my house I got the IT job I always wanted. It was incredible. The Meru Chakra Definitely brings in good fortune.
-Minesh Pujara

I wanted to buy a new house, away from a house with negative features and a house with good Vastu. I additionally installed a Meru Chakra and am now enjoying a harmonious living space I have never experienced before.
-James Fenton

I read the book on Vastu, my plot had a very auspicious shape and slope with panoramic views in the best place. We drew up plans for my home based entirely upon Vastu, showing how to get the maximum auspiciousness from Nature.
-Hema Gauri

While installing a Meru Chakra in my house, some unexpected money arrived in the post. Ever since then, many auspicious things have been happening, particularly with my house. I now have a better and new house.
-Susan Bells

The Vastu in my house is not so good, but not too bad either. I had a Vasati Pyramid installed and immediately noticed that the energies in my home were different, much more tranquil. I had a Meru Chakra installed and the next day I won a very valuable new business contract. A month later I installed another Meru Chakra in my other apartment and the next day I won another big and lucrative overseas business contract, I’m glad I got a Meru Chakta.
-H Bolton




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