Clough's Sinhala English Dictionary

Clough's Sinhala English Dictionary

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Author: Rev. B Clough
Editor(s): Rev. B Clough
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1997
Language: multilingual
Pages: 824
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812060105X


The first edition of this work was published in 1830. It proved to be most valuable to students of the Sinhalese language. The book has for many years been out of print and copies have been obtained only at very high prices. The issue of a new edition has therefore been long felt to be necessary, but the preparation of it involved a great amount of labour and rendered delay unavoidable.

There is one feature in this edition to which we would call particular attention-namely that every Sinhalese word is given in English as well as in native characters. This has been done according to the plan adopted by the Government of Ceylon and now generally followed. It will, we do not doubt, prove a great help to planters, business men and others who, though having transactions with the Sinhalese, have not acquired a knowledge of the Sinhalese characters. As the book contains a large number of technical terms as well as all the ordinary words, such persons will not fail to find it a great help in daily life.