Hinduaon ke Reeti Riwaz tatha Manetiyan   (HINDI)

Hinduaon ke Reeti Riwaz tatha Manetiyan (HINDI)

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Author: Parkash Chander Gaggrade
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2004
Language: Hindi
Pages: 246
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0836-8


Rites, rituals and customs play a major role in the life of every person, irrespective of religious affiliations. This is more prominent in the case of Hindus.

Right from the time of conception and birth, up to a person's passing away and even after it, rites and rituals follow a Hindu at all times, much like a shadow. Indeed, there is some rite, ritual or custom that comes into play for Hindus 365 days of the year. However, unlike other religions where many customs are mandatory, the Hindu way of life is comparatively flexible, with people in different regions following variable customs and traditions.

While a monotonous way of life could figuratively kill many people from sheer boredom, Hindu rituals and customs enliven Hindus' daily existence. Besides, they also ensure that in the hustle and bustle of daily life in this materialistic era, people do not lose sight of spiritual goals.

Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Traditions outlines all these practices right from the sunrise to the sunset years and makes a most enlightening read for all readers, Hindus as well as non-Hindus.