Select Sikh Scriptures - Vol 1

Select Sikh Scriptures - Vol 1

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Author: K S Duggal
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174761349


Transcreated into English by noted Punjabi litterateur Duggal, this volume presents a selection from 974 hymns by Guru Nanak who made significant contribution to the Guru Granth Sahib.

Founded some 500 years ago by the venerable Guru Nanak, Sikhism is the youngest of great religions of the world. The scriptures of this religion possess certain unique characteristics, i.e., they have not only been written in verse but have also been set to Hindustani music- both classical and folk. The holy book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, a 1430-page compilation, has a universal appeal in that it has not been confined to the Sikh Gurus alone; it contains hymns of a galaxy of 30 other renowned men of God belonging to different religions.

This collection has companion volumes of selected works of Guru Arjan and other Sikh Gurus.



Japuji (The Sikh Morning Prayer)

Raga Majh
Raga Gauri
Raga Asa
Raga Bihagda
Raga Wadhans
Raga Sorath
Raga Dhanansri
Raga Tilang
Raga Suhi
Raga Bilawal
Raga Ramkali

Sidh Gosht (Guru Nanak's dialogue with miracle-makers)

Raga Maru
Raga Tukhari
Barah Mah (The Twelve Months of the Year)

Raga Tukhari
Raga Bhairo
Raga Sarang
Raga Malhar
Raga Prabhati