But Little Dust - Life amongst the ex-untouchable Buddhists of India

But Little Dust - Life amongst the ex-untouchable Buddhists of India

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Author: Padmasuri
Publisher: Windhorse/Prakash
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 193
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0 904766 85 3


In 1982 Padmasuri, an English nurse and midwife, arrived in an Indian shanty town to help establish a medical project. Padmasuri was a Buddhist whose teacher had worked at the heart of the mass conversion movement when millions of' untouchable' Hindus turned to Buddhism. Now she was to see for herself the realities of life for people whose mere touch was regarded by tradition as spiritually polluting. As a women she was to witness the further degradation of half that community, locked as they were in a blatantly patriarchal society.

Perhaps surprisingly, her response to these realities to give up nursing in favor of teaching Buddhism. This narrative charts her progress as helps her fiends discover dignity, strength, and freedom on the Buddhist path of individual and social transformation.

Padmasuri's story is crammed with fascinating insight into the lives of the world's most oppressed people. It takes us beyond the statistics of human suffering to meet some ordinary and extraordinary individuals who have begun to remake their lives.


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