The Herbs of Life - Health and Healing Using Western and Chinese Techniques

The Herbs of Life - Health and Healing Using Western and Chinese Techniques

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Author: Lesley Tierra
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 244
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817030587X


The practice of herbalism can be defined as the systematic use and application of herbs and related materials for the purpose ofr healing. This book shows the way by which we in the West are able to benefit from the great herbal traditions of China and India which, as it turns out, are not so unlike the way our own once were, previous to the 18th century and the advent of the so-called scientific rationalist thought.

By providing a practical approach to the classification of the therapeutic properties of herbs and foods, this book provides a good introduction to the important process of integrating Eastern and Western approaches into a kind of planetary Herbalism. Through a renewed appreciation of traditional energetic systems especially Chinese herbal medicine, this should allow one to go beyond the overly simplistic this or that approach so characteristic of many popular herbals written by non-herbalists.

Implied in the pages of this work is the belief that the essential principles and methods of traditional herbal medicine are cdapable of being understood and utilized not only the professional health practioner but also by the lay public. This book provides a simple and practical guide to aid in a first attempt at shopping for herbs. It then details the traditional principles of simpling or making various effective herbal preprations in a kitchen with only basic kitchen utensils.

There are many unique aspects about this book which place it as a worthy addition to the noble tradition of self-help herbals. It clearly sets forth the way an herbalist thinks about herbs, foods and disease and unites them with various methods that, while presently used as part of the practice of acupuncture, were once and still continue in many places of the world to be the domain of the folk healer. These include such techniques as cupping, moxibustion, meditation and breathing practices along with other simple home remedies that are bound to support one's quest for greater health and wellness.


Five Stars for Lesley Tierra! She hs swritten an outstanding herb book, one of the best I have seen in a long time.
- Rosemry Gladstar, founder of The California School of Herbal Studies

One of the most concise yet complete guides to hrbal healing.
- David Frawley, author of Ayurvedic healing

The Herb of Life is well-organised, providing resources enabling one to put this healing knowledge quickly to work in creating a higher level of health and increasing awareness of how to stay healthy.
- Christopher Hobbs, author of The Handbook for Herbal Healing.

Clearly, an experienced herbalist and clever teacher prepared this book for us.
- James Green, Author of The Male Herbal

This book is an herbalist's delight!
- The American Herb Association

I would highly recommend this volume to any novice or intermediate herbalist who wants a usable guide to rational herbal treatment.
- David Winston, american Herbalists Guild

What sets The herbs of Life apart from the glut of medicinal books on the market is its emphasis on the traditional energetic - or holistic - approach to healing. Instead of treating the symptom,the energetic system focuses on what caused the symptom in the first place.
- The Herb Quarterly

An excellent guide for the beginning herbalist, this guidebook will also deepen the understanding of the expert.
- Yoga Journal.


Foreword by Michael Tierra


How to Use Herbs for Health and Healing

The Nature of Herbal Healing

The Energy of Herbs

The Energy of Illness

Herbal Properties, constituents, Families and Formulas

Knowing the Herbs

How to Regain and Maintain Health

The Energy of Food

The Process of Health and Healing

Living With the Seasons

Home Remedies

Home Therapies

How to Obtain and Make Your Own Healing Tools

Harvsting, Prespring and Storing Herbs

Herbal Preparations

How to Shop for Herbs

Herbal Medicine Kits


Symptoms and Their remedies

A Few Tips for Mothers and Children

Macrobiotics and the System of traditional Chinese Medicine (by Michael tierra)


Weights and Measures