Beyond Indigo

Beyond Indigo

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Author: Preethi Nair
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 326
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172236158


Nina’s not having a good day. Let down by a spiritual guru, sacked from her job and finding her fiancé with someone else, she takes refuge in a secret passion of her own-painting. Utterly disillusioned, she agrees to an arranged marriage, without mentioning that she is no longer a high-flying lawyer. To keep the peace, every day she puts on a suit and pretends to got to work. But she’s really escaping to a studio where she paints furiously, the maelstrom of emotions from the recent past flooding out of her and splashing on to the canvas.

But when her work is spotted by a major player in the art world, she panics. Pretending to be the artist’s agent, she fabricates a name, an identity, an entire life for her client, and propels him towards ever-increasing international acclaim.

To add to the complications, Nina finds her heart pulled in an unexpected direction. Having become adept at the art of deception, she must try to keep her two worlds apart.

But as they threaten to collide spectacularly, she must question who she really is and what really matters.


A genuinely moving novel, this has all the right ingredients in just the right quantities to spirit away all negative emotions.
-Daily Express

Moving description packs a powerful punch in this book about family, forgiveness and the power of truth.