Dalit Women on the Move - The Bihar Scenario

Dalit Women on the Move - The Bihar Scenario

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Author: Sachchidananda
Niraj Kumar/
Publisher: Serials Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186771948


The abolition of untouchability set in motion the most profound reordering of social relations in India. Both the state and the society in the country were keen to take effective steps for freeing one-seventh of the Indian population from its age-old shackles and to bring them in decades of independence all moves in this regard were subsumed under the term Social Welfare. Later they become part of the development process. In the nineties of the last century the discourse on development of Dalits was taken over by the term Empowerment.

This study tries to explore the change process among the Dalit women in Bihar. Efforts have been made to identify some of the prime movers of change in the context of women in the state. Throughout this work, the concept of empowerment has been used as the prime goal. Towards the end, the constraints in this process have been identified and some suggestions have been made as the agenda for future action. It is still a long way to go both the state and society have to alter their strategies to accelerate the whole process.



1. Dalit of women in Bihar
2. Women Development and Empowerment
3. Self Help Groups
4. Milk Co-operatives
5. Naxalite Mobilisation
6. Mahila Samakhya
7. The Role of NGO
8. Constraints and Agenda for Future Action


Case Studies
Socio-economic Profile of Respondents
List of Dalit Castes In Bihar
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