The Satthianadhan Family Album

The Satthianadhan Family Album

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Author: Eunice de Souza
Editor(s): Eunice de Souza
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126021276


The Satthianadhan Family Album edited by Eunice de Souza, is an anthology of the miscellaneous writings of the members of the Satthianadhans, a family of converts to Christianity. Krupabai Sathianadhan, is the only one of the earlier Satthianadhan who is known. But both the men and women wrote fiction and non-fiction, essays, diaries, short stories guide books for women, folktales and they also edited various journals. Members of the family, now in different parts of the world, are still writing.

Many of the issues they raised in their writing continue to be of relevance-like the state of Indian society, social problems, female education, child marriage, caste, the dilemmas of the Indian Christians, the Indianness of the Indian church, etc. The book is of sociological interest too as it gives us occasional glimpses of the clothes, jewellery and manners of the time. It also provide us an extraordinary vivid picture of various aspects of the community of Indian Christians-their faults, foibles, their virtues, and their relationship with their Hindu neighbours and European missionaries.

It also contains evocative descriptions of nature, particularly the Deccan region.



The Story of a Conversion (1893)

The Rev W T Satthianadhan-A Brief Biographical Sketch (1893)

Notes of a Tour through Travancore and Tinnevelly (1871)

Salary of the Native Clergy (1893)

The Good Mother (1924)

Josiah Gunapuranam, the Agnostic (1899)

The Rev Charles Softleigh’s Renowned Convert

The Native Pastor and His Flock (1899)

The Story of John Gabriel (1899)

All is Well that Ends Well (1899)

The Portrait of an Indian Woman (1956)

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