Military Logistics - The Third Dimension

Military Logistics - The Third Dimension

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Author: Parmodh Sarin
Publisher: Manas Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 416
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170490901


In today's environment, strategy and national objectives form the core of the whole spectrum and logistics start with the fact that much the strategy grows out the economic and industrial situation. The author adopts the view that unless national industry and economy support a strategical or a tactical plan that plan has no reasonable hope for success. Defence and development complement each other provided a holistic view is taken and defence related industry, both in the public and private sectors, is allowed to homogenize.

Although it has long been recognized that considerations of supply and material support dictate strategy and tactics, not too much effort is devoted to the study of science and art of logistics. Concepts of logistics support have altered considerably since the 2nd World War and are still being evolved. Instead of traditional vertical chain, what we need today is a horizontal support system. The author discusses automation in the field of logistics, asset vision and puts up a case for a national logistics grid.

The author also stipulates that traditional principles of war have a limited validity in so far as logistics are concerned. Principles of Logistics emerge from a study of various facets of material support.

The chapter on Logistics in Nuclear Environment will of special interest to the reader because of novelty of this requirement where material support to a modern military is concerned.

A small resume on Kargil conflict and role of logistics units and services has been added. Suggestions for improving service to combat troops in the aftermath of this conflict should trigger thinking inappropriate quarters.



In Retrospect
What is Logistics
Principles of Logistics
Planning Aspects - Logistics
Defense and Development
Economics of Logistics
Bureaucracy and Logistics
Teeth to Tail
Requisites of an Efficient System
Logistics when Environment if Nuclear
Saichen Challenge
Our Wasteful Ways
Looking Ahead
Automation and Logistics
Asset Visibility
Integrated Logistics Support System
National Logistics Grid
Kargil Experience

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