A Writer's Nightmare

A Writer's Nightmare

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Author: R K Narayan
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140107916


This volume is a pick of thirty years of essays from Narayan, India's greatest English language novelist.

Narayan is better known as a novelist, but his essays are as delightful and enchanting as his stories and novels. Introducing this selection of essays, Narayanan writes,' I have always been drawn to the personal essay in which you see something of the author himself apart from the theme.'

A Writer's Nightmare is the ,marvelous result of Narayan's liking for the personal essay. In this book he tackles subjects such as weddings, mathematics, coffee, umbr5ellas, teachers, newspapers, monkeys, lovers - all sorts of topics, simple and not so simple, which reveal the very essence of India.



Higher Mathematics

Fifteen Years


Horses and Others

The Vandal

To a Hindi Enthusiast

'No School Today'

The Non-Musical Man

On Humour

Reception at Six

In the Confessional

Bride-groom Bargains

The Scout

Gradening Without Tears

Private Faces

Coffee Worries

Looking One's Age

The Great Basket

Of Trains and Travellers

A Library Without Books

A Writer's Nightmare

Umbrella Devotee

Next Sunday

The Sycophant

The Maha


The Critical Faculty

Beauty and the Beast


Streat Names

Reluctant Guru

My Educational Outlook

Trigger - Happy

Better Late

The Winged Ants

Taxing Thoughts

Elephant in the Pit

The Lost Umbrella

The Newspaper Habit

Castes : Old and New


The Golden Age

Rambles in a Library

At an Auctioneers

Pride of Place

House, House

A Picture of Years


Sorry, no room

God and the Atheist

Oh Funny Encounters

The Testament of a Walker

Love and Lovers

A Matter of Status

History is a Delicate Subject


Of Age and Birthdays



A Literary Alchemy

The Writerly Life

The Nobel Prize and all that

Misguided 'Guide'

Indira Gandhi

When India was a Colony

India and America